How Do Weed Vaporizer Brands Differ?

It’s very easy to think that weed vaporizers are basically one and the same. They might have different appearances, they might weigh differently, they might even have different brands and logos, but at the end of the day, you know that they are all united in their purpose: to get you high.

Believe me, I understand that. But the problem is, you have to look beyond your conception of the product so you can actually find the very best product as far as your personal set of circumstances go.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that if a device is going to work the same way as other devices, there’s really not much difference between them.

This is a very dangerous mindset to have because you can blow through a lot of cash if this is your attitude. Seriously. Because there’s a lot more going on beyond the difference in the logo.

These differences in design really reflect their design and philosophy. It also reflects the larger and deeper differences in overall corporate philosophy.

Now, please understand that weed vaporizers are not produced by the same corporate culture as Toyota, Honda or General Motors. It’s a black and white difference.

But whenever you’re dealing with any kind of manufacturing, there are still business considerations involved. And turning a blind eye to these business considerations is going to put you at a serious disadvantage.

Keep the following in mind when you’re in the market for a new weed vaporizer. It can make a big difference as far as you get the most value out of your hard-earned cash.

Years in Business


If a company has been around for quite a while, you know that it is more trustworthy.

How come? Well, every year you’re in business, there’s a possibility you’d get sued. Every year you’re in business, there’s a possibility that all sorts of drama involving your consumers might happen.

So, all these years are basically a preparation for you to not only produce high-quality products but to serve the people who use those products.

Industry Awards

Certain brands have a lot of awards. Other brands have absolutely zero awards. Why should you care? Aren’t a lot of these awards rigged?

Well, it depends on the award. If the award is from an organization you haven’t heard of before, it’s probably okay to disregard the award. Look at the brand as if it didn’t win awards.

On the other hand, if it got industry awards, these are awards handed out by other people in the electronic cigarette industry or vaporizer industry, pay attention.

When industries give out awards, they are basically acknowledging industry leaders. They’re acknowledging people who are doing it right all day, every day. They look at these award winners as the ones who set the standards for the industry.

You know you’re in solid footing when the brand that you are considering buying has a long track record of getting industry awards.

Renowned Product Line

If it seems that people that you know can’t seem to shut up about the product line of a particular brand, you might want to sit up and pay attention.

You have to understand that people don’t get excited about a product for no good reason. As the old saying goes, when there is smoke, there is fire.

There’s a reason why people are making all these noises. It’s not like they’re saying all of these things because they have nothing else better to do. There is a kernel of truth in all of this. This all leads from somewhere.

So, the key here is to pay attention to why people are excited. Is it an innovative design? Is it customer support? Is it the overall value that people get? Is it their advertising campaign?

Whatever it is, get to the root of the issue and figure out the reason for the renown or the fame of the brand and if it meets your particular needs.

For example, if people can’t stop talking about a particular herb vaporizer because it doesn’t gum up, you might want to pay attention if maintenance is a big thing with you.

If you’ve been burned in the past with devices that take forever to clean up, you might want to pay attention to that particular brand that has built a reputation for being low maintenance.

Do you see how this works? At the end of the day, it’s all about your needs. So as long as you’re systematic and methodical about this, there’s a high chance you will buy the right product the first time around.


How to Make Sure You Clean Up Your Weed Vaporizers Regularly

Usually, when people smoke marijuana, the first thing to go is motivation.

This should not be a surprise. I mean, when you’re smoking weed, your number one priority is just to relax, chill out, and possibly listen to some Bob Marley.

There’s nothing like reggae to get the edge off. It’s as if that music was just designed from the ground up to be listened to while consuming some stinky, sticky, good old bud.

But with that said, you have to be motivated enough to clean up your weed vaporizers. Otherwise, you’re going to have a nasty and stinky mess in your hands sooner rather than later.

A lot of weed aficionados think that the equipment that they use is basically just going to take care of themselves. What’s the point? Why overthink things? Why worry?

Well, here’s the problem. If you don’t have an advanced plan going in as you use your vaporizer, again and again, you’re probably just going to make things worse on yourself. Let’s put it this way, you’re not doing yourself any big favors.

I know this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially those who consume a lot of pot but hear me out. A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way.

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you’re really planning to fail. This applies to your career, your education, your relationships, and yes, it definitely applies to enjoy marijuana using weed vaporizers.

So, what’s the problem here? Well, the problem you’re trying to avoid is gummed up and sticky vaporizers.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, I just spent $50 on my weed vaporizer. What’s the big deal?” Well, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re buying one pot vaporizer after another, those $50 to add up. Before you know it, you could have spent hundreds of dollars every single year on vaporizers.

Maybe you’re misplacing them. Maybe they give out too early. Maybe you just badly maintained them because it got too sticky. It got all gummed up. This is bad news.

So, do yourself a big favor and use one of the following 3 methods. I put a lot of thinking into this so you don’t have to.

By being a little bit systematic and methodical on how you use your weed vaporizers, you ensure that they are in good operating condition.

This means that you buy them less often. This means you don’t have to take a break from your busy schedule, and you’re more likely to keep using them.

The worst reason why you should stop using a particular vaporizer is that it has somehow become too sticky. This really is the worst reason in the world because you’re spending your hard-earned dollars buying a replacement.

You didn’t have to. The only reason is that you just didn’t maintain it well enough, and now you can’t use it.

You’re just not motivated in using it. It’s stinky, it’s sticky, it’s a mess. In other words, your reasons are all psychological.

So, by using the methods below, you can avoid these bad news.

Method #1: Clean after x uses

You can set a hard rule for yourself. After, let’s say, 8 uses, regardless of whether you feel like it or not, and regardless of what day it is, you’re going to go ahead and take apart the vaporizer, dunk some parts in a cleaning solution, put it all back together, wipe everything down, and call it a day.

Now, there’s a lot recommending this approach because regardless of how you feel and regardless of whatever else is going on in your life, you stick to something and you follow through.

This builds discipline. This also ensures that the habits you pick up in this part of your life can be applied to other areas of your life. This can actually apply across the board.

The bad news with Method #1 is that most people who smoke weed are not really all that pumped up about following a certain plan of action. They’re all about enjoying the moment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, you’re just going with the flow.

And by you coming up with this plan to automatically clean your smoking implement is kind of a joy-kill and a buzzkill.

Method #2: Clean based on a schedule

This is really not much different from Method #1. The only difference is the triggering mechanism.

In Method #1, what triggers you is the number of times you use your weed vaporizer. In Method #2, you’re looking at the calendar. So regardless of how many times you vaped tobacco or pot, you’re going to have to clean it.

The great thing about scheduling is that you know when it’s going to happen so you give yourself some advanced preparation and you can prepare accordingly. It doesn’t take you by surprise.

It’s not something that kind of happens by the seat of your pants. You’re more likely to be emotionally ready to do it and more likely to follow through with it.

The big disadvantage with this is that it can easily become counterproductive, or at least you might think it’s counterproductive.

What if, for whatever reason, you did not use the vaporizer in that month? What if you were just chilling for the whole month? Does that mean that you’re going to have to clean it?

Yeah, well, that’s what Method #2 is about. It is a commitment. And a lot of people have a tough time committing.

Method #3: Clean based on how heavy your usage is

This is a personal favorite of a lot of people. The key here is the usage. It’s not the calendar, it’s not how many times you’ve used it. Instead, it turns on your experience.

If you use your weed vaporizer with a lot of people and you blew through a lot of weed, it’s probably a good idea to sober up the next day and clean out your equipment.

You know you get a lot of use from your equipment and you know that it’s up to the job. The least you can do is to clean it up the next day because you know that it went through quite heavy-duty use.

This is pretty easy to pull off because it is event triggered. You’re not looking at a calendar. You’re not looking at a fixed schedule of how many times you use the product. Instead, you’re just paying attention to your actual usage of the product itself.

It’s like your kind of rewarding the vaporizer because of the great experience it has delivered the day before.

The downside to this could be the type of person who’s going from one heavy usage day to the next. Once the days blur into each other, they might not have much motivation to clean up their device.