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AirVape Legacy Update

Greetings vapers and vaperettes, I am back with yet another hot take about Airvape’s latest portable vape, the Legacy.

If you’ve been reading my posts you know I’ve reviewed the Legacy when it came out and absolutely loved it. Now, Airvape announced some updates for the Legacy as a response to some negative feedback about harsh tasting vapor at higher temperatures. Here’s what they’ve said:

“We heard from many vapers who enjoyed the quick heating and intensity, and also from people who reported that the heating is somewhat too “harsh”.”

My first reaction was “wow…they just recently released this product and they’re already actively improving it on the basis of the feedback collected from their customers? ” This to me was surprising, to say the least, I don’t recall having dealt with any other company that has this level of dedication to the needs of their customers. This is something I can definitely appreciate.

The article then goes on to explain how the new chamber component works:

“The Smooth Edge Chamber Component was designed to make your vaping experience smoother and more balanced, it is also easily removable with the help of the included packing tool for cleaning purposes.  The placement of the Chamber Component inside the chamber creates an air buffer which allows for the air flow to have a more even heat distribution at higher temp settings. “

I personally did not experience said harshness in my session with the Legacy but I understand how preferences can widely differ from people to people plus I usually tend to seek out the temperature sweet spot on my vapes and for the Legacy I find that loose-leaf cooks best between 380 and 400 F.

Regardless, I still received the updated package which also contained the new and improved micro-dosing basket which now fits much better into the heating chamber.

In conclusion, if you own an Airvape Legacy you are eligible to get the upgrade package so if you haven’t already, reach out to their customer service team and they will immediately hook you up.

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Best vapes for outdoors

What can be better than taking your favorite vaporizer to the outdoors like cycling through the city, going for a hike in the mountains, or spending a relaxing day at the beach or even camping by the lake?

Now you can make your experience more enjoyable with the outdoor vaporizers.

Let’s see our pick:

Pax 3 with a price of $275



This vaporizer is the best if you are going on a light adventure. It is sleek and stylish and looks more like an art piece than a vaporizer. The only downside of the Pax3 is slippery and small in size and makes it easy to drop in the wild.

Firefly 2 $330



This vaporizer is the best for warm-weather expeditions. It warms up almost instantly and is very easy to load. Pivot the front face of its magnets, put in your dried herbs, and reassemble the face. The magnet is strong enough to hold it there even if it moves around in your backpack.

Fez for $130


Source: fez.com

If you are looking for something that won’t hurt your pocket and is friendly to your budget, the Fez is your best option and is the easiest to use and the best value for your money.


Vapium Summit Plus for $150

source: vapium.com

These vaporizers function the best under wet conditions. If you are always worried about dropping your vaporizers, the summit plus design looks like it can take a beating and it is easy to grip due to its rubber on the end.

The splash-proof rating did not disappoint, when it gets wet it does not cease to perform. If you like activities that involve the river or water, this vaporizer is for you.


The AirVape XS Go price is $69



This is a super portable vape that you can take on the go with its ergonomic design. It is unique amongst all the AirVape Models with it being small in size and its comforting grip. It has a simple user interface with sophisticated heating technology.

The back-side’s surface is inspired by the spiritual seed of life symbol that is smartly hiding a useful packing tool underneath.
Another great and exciting thing is that you can buy a case to protect your vape.

Visit airvapeusa.com and buy any AirVape model and qualify for the amazing upgrade program.

Live your life to the fullest by going on adventures and experiencing the beauty of nature and breathing in the fresh air along with the amazing flavors of your vaporizer that is made for the outdoor life.

What is 510 thread?

Let’s start at the beginning with the 510 thread, 510 has to do with the vape mod itself. The 5 in the 510 is the distance of the thread between each other also known as the pitch of the thread which is 0.5mm and for the 10 in the 510 it is for the total of threads which is supposed to be there. Each company that produces vape mod for vape RDA devices and vape pen keeps the 0.5mm thread pitch but does not always include 10 threads.

The difference between 710 and 510 threads is quite big. 710 Has nothing to do with thread or pitch. It is a term that we cannabis users use for cannabis oils as 710 is oil if you were to turn it upside down. It is a vape for cannabis oils or a mod that can be used for those applications.

510 thread cartridges

There is a big variety of 510 cartridges available that are even prefilled with CBD and THC oils giving you the percentages of each that are in the oil.

The best 510 thread batteries of 2020

In the first place, we have the Kandypens Special-K. It is a stealthy vape pen that is used for THC and CBD cartridges. This amazing device had a score of 9.6 on the scoreboard.



In second place we have the PCKT One plus with a score of 9.6. It uses the cleanest, purest materials, and the latest and greatest in the vaping technology.



In third place, we have the Vessel Wood Series with an amazing score of 9.4 on the scoreboard. It combines real wood with a cool anodized aluminum for that adds the visual stunning effect to its appearance.

What is a 510 thread vape?

The term was originally used by Joyetech, the manufacturer of eGo-T, one of the first vape pen batteries. It was named after the ten 0.5 mm thread that features on the tank and is compatible with the pens. In today’s world, the 0.5 mm threading is standardized but does not have to have ten threads to be considered compatible with the 510. It is technically any battery with threading.

Types of 510 thread vapes

They started with the pen shapes but are now evolving into other shapes that take on the form of a miniature vape mod.

Here are different types of 510 vapes:

eGo batteries
They are dual threaded to accommodate the classic go style and the 510 atomizers. These batteries usually charge using 510- threaded USB charging units. Some of the newer versions may feature a built-in USB charging port.

Classic pen-style
They originally used the same chargers as the eGo pens but as mentioned above the newer versions have the built-in option. They may also feature changeable voltage settings, as well as a, preheat feature that sends a low voltage pulse to heat up our oil.

510 oil mods

The newer versions look like a pocketable version of a vape mod but is more compact and lighter. Many of them are draw-activated but there are the few that have a firing button and changeable voltage settings so that you can get a more powerful hit.

E-pipe style

It has a classic aesthetic that gives the same sensation as smoking a bowl. Most of them use adapters that are magnetic, making it easy for you to swap cartridges by just dropping them in.

Here are some advantages of 510 vapes

– Portability
– Lightweight
– More battery life
– User-friendly
– It has a solid connection

Vaping cartridges on a 510 thread vape is easier than you think. Start off slow by taking small puffs and make sure to take breaks in-between until you find the dosage that is right for you. Now that you know the best 510 thread Batteries of 2020, purchase yourself one and enjoy the ride.


Stoners Have Better Health than You!

Benefits of CBD Vaping

Most people prefer vaping to smoking because it is quick, enjoyable, and more effective. They carry over this preference to CBD consumption as well. 

The most common forms of CBD are e-liquids, edibles, and oral products.

The e-liquids allow you to vape CBD. 

If you think of it, vaping is a more effective way of consuming CBD than edibles, transdermal patches, capsules, and topicals. For a reason, when you inhale CBD, its Bioavailability increases. This means your body is absorbing the drug more efficiently and in greater amounts. 

When you ask medical professionals about the drug, they will tell you that vaping is the safest option of consuming CBD rather than smoking it. The good thing about vaping is you will get the same effect as smoking, but you will not have to deal with combustion, which can cause tar to build up in your lungs.

Another reason why people prefer vaping is that it is user-friendly. You do not need to be a smoker or vaper to use CBD oil. You can find scores of research backing up the benefits of cannabis. 

Effects of CBD of Your Health

CBD is a calming component, which helps people curb the symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, CBD is a proven anxiety reliever, pain reliever, and mood adjuster. 

However, excess consumption might induce drowsiness and sleepiness. However, if you take it in the recommended amount, CBD will provide you with many benefits. Some people say that CBD induces alertness, and a study on rats proves these results. 

CBD does contain a little amount of THC. However, the amount is too low to induce paranoia, high, uneasiness, or other psychoactive symptoms. A survey shows that the majority of CBD consumers use the substance to overcome anxiety. 

The Most Common Effects of CBD Vaping

  • Alertness, if you take a low dose 
  • Drowsiness, if you take a high dose
  • Improvement in mood
  • Relaxation
  • Relief from Anxiety
  • Comfort

Why Vaping CBD is Better than Smoking



Improves Lung Health

To lead a healthy life, you need strong and healthy lungs. However, smoking cigarettes can destroy your lungs over time. On the other hand, e-cig vapes can improve your lung health. Vaping is even better than smoking a joint or a bowl. Vape filters the smoke and reduces combustion, reducing the tar buildup on your lungs. 

CBD Vapes Are Smoother

If you are into smoking, you must know about the robust and pungent smoke you need to bear while smoking a joint. When you talk about vapes, their smoke is much smoother than traditional joints. 

A majority of vapers state that inhaling a vape smoke cloud feels like inhaling steam. The smoother effect of vaping CBD means you can easily consume the required dose without coughing or irritating your airway. 

Easy Availability 

You can easily find medical cannabis in many pharmacies. Hence, you do not have to go out of your way to find CBD oils for vaping.

Quick Response That Lasts Long 

When you are dealing with medical issues, you want a solution really fast. You want something that will benefit you in the long run and also helps you manage your health problems. Medicinal marijuana does that for you. 

The vapes are super-fast when it comes to calming down your inflammation, and its effect lasts for a long time. If you talk about pills, pain-relieving gels, or capsules, they will take a few hours to relieve your pain. However, CBD vapes deliver the desired results in a matter of minutes.  

So, Should I Start Vaping CBD Oil?

vaping oil

vaping CBD oil

CBD oil offers a large number of benefits. The substance helps you deal with inflammation, chronic pains, diabetes, heart diseases, soothing chemotherapy side effects, and more.

The big question, however, is which method you should consume CBD?

Gummies are great, and even rolling a joint can help, but far and away, the most convenient option available to you today is vaping.

CBD oils are easily accessible, and you would be doing your lungs a favor by vaping CBD instead of smoking. 

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How to Use AirVape X Vaporizer? -A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide on How to Use Airvape X Vaporizer

So, you’ve bought your new Airvape X or Xs Vaporizer, and you have got it all set up. You place it on your palms and wonder what to do next. Lucky for you, this complete guide will be useful for you. It will help you understand the basic anatomy of the Airvape X vaporizer.

So, if you are new to vaping, welcome to the Airvape X family. Now lets first understand Airvape X vaporizer and get into the Airvape manual.

What is an Airvape X Vaporizer?

Airvape x- Apollo

Airvape x- Apollo

Airvape X is a personalized handheld vaporizer. A brand and product owned by the Apollo Airvape company. It allows users to vape nicotine, CBD, and THC extracts.

Vaping Airvape X creates a relaxing warm feeling like smoking. It has integrated modern technology into vaping.

Airvape X vaporizer heats the extracts with the right temperature. So high enough for the content to vaporize and less enough not to burn. The difference between burning and heating extract is vital. You can tell your Airvape X vaporizer needs replacing when it burns extracts.

Burning concentrates emits smokes, and inhaling the smoke causes coughing and discomfort. If your AirVape burns extracts, it’s destroying all essential nutrients.

Airvape X vaporizer does not emit smoke, and it maintains the taste of extracts. Airvape X vaporizers use both convection and conduction heating process. The hot air in the heating chamber heats extracts directly.

Extra benefits include:

  • Discretion: Airvape X vaporizer does not emit smoke like cigarettes. It emits vapor from extracts. With Airvape X vaporizer, you can vape without disturbing other people.
  • Flexibility: Airvape X vaporizers are compatible with wax extracts and dried herbs. You can switch at your discretion.
  • Convenience: Airvape X vaporizer models come in small sizes. The devices can fit in the palm or your pocket. Their small size makes it easy to vape on the go.

Kit and Accessories

AirVape XSAccessories

AirVape X Accessories

When you buy Airvape X, it comes with the following:

  • 1 AirVape X vaporizer
  • Dab tools
  • Cleaning tools
  • Concentrate pad
  • A USB cable charger

Airvape X: The Basic Elements

Source: airvapeusa.com

A standard Airvape X has the following components:

  1. A Sturdy Magnetic Mouthpiece

Airvape has a sturdy magnetic mouthpiece, built for style and functionality. The mouthpiece holds firmly onto the holder. The design of the mouthpiece allows smooth vaping. You should note, the mouthpiece is also the lid to the heating chamber. You uncover the heating chamber by removing the mouthpiece.

  1. A Ceramic Heating Chamber/ Atomizer

The heating chamber is ceramic. The heating chamber is like a little oven that heats extracts and dried herbs. You can vape either interchangeably. Before changing to a different form of vaping, you need to clean the heating chamber.

The heating chamber temperature rises to a maximum of 2200C to release vapor.

  1. Lithium-ion Battery

Airvape X vaporizers need constant high-power supply and a rapid power withdrawal. For this reason, Airvape X uses lithium-ion cell batteries. Lithium-ion has low internal resistance and is rechargeable. Lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan.

  1. 3 Buttons

Airvape X vaporizer comes with three buttons. Two temperature precise control buttons and the power button. The temperature adjustment system is precis. It gives users complete control of heating. The power button is in the middle of two buttons for adjusting the temperature.

  1. Led-Display Screen

Airvape comes with 1.2” elegant LED screen-display. The display indicates precise temperature changes, the heating process, and battery life. You can see the temperature levels changing on the screen by pressing the temperature control buttons. You can change from degree Celsius to degree Fahrenheit.

Airvape X: What You Can Vape?

With Airvape X vaporizer, you can vape freshly grounded herbs or wax extracts. Be it nicotine, cannabis, CBD, or THC. Airvape X vaporizer offers freedom, and you can vape anything you want.

How to use an Airvape X Vaporizer the First time?

Source: airvapeusa.com

After you unwrap your Airvape X vaporizer from the box, do not stress out how to go about it. To have the Airvape X experience, follow the steps below:

The first thing you want to do is charge your Airvape X. To charge it, connect the USB cable to the USB port on the vaporizer. Then connect the charger to a power socket. Let it charge to full power.

The next thing you have to do is sterilize your vaporizer. To do that, press the power button three times. A “HELLO” message displays on the 1.2” LED-screen.  Next, press the button with an arrow pointing up, allow it to get to 220o C the maximum temperature.

To know if it’s heating, check if the animated fan on the screen is spinning. A fan spinning indicates the Airvape is heating.

When it attains the highest temperature, there will be a buzz. The fan will stop spinning, and an automatic shut-off timer is activated. The default timer for the shut-off is 3 minutes. But it can be adjusted to a maximum of 5 minutes.

After the countdown has elapsed, a shut-down is initiated. A “GOODBYE” message will display before it goes dark.

Repeat the procedure two more times. After that, you are good to vape.

After sterilization, you can load your freshly dried herbs. Ensure you have grounded the herbs correctly. A Zeus Bolt grinder can grind dried herbs. The grinder is standardized to ensure uniformly grounded herbs.

With the grinder, the herbs will be fine enough to vaporize but heavy enough not to be flown away

Airvape X: Why Do We Sterilize?

Sterilizing your AirVape X gets rid of any manufacturing oil trapped in the unit. During the assemblage of your device, oil is a lubricant, and some get trapped within.

How to Load Extracts into Airvape X?

To load dry herbs, pull-off the chamber cover. The chamber cover extends to a sturdy magnetic mouthpiece. It’s magnetic, so it will be easy to pull out.

Using your scoop, load the grounded herbs into the heating chamber. Just put enough, not too much or too little. Close with chamber cover back.

To load wax extract, pull-off the chamber cover, uncover the heating chamber. Place the concentrate pad inside the heating chamber. Load a small amount of wax, replace the lid.

Power-on, the Airvape X, set the temperature to the maximum level and wait.

And Puff!YourAirvape vaporizer is ready for vaping.

Airvape X vaporizer is all about freedom.

As a user, you can customize the heating temperature for your device. If you want to change from degrees Celsius to degree Fahrenheit, press the temperature adjusting buttons ate the same time, hold for 3 seconds.

You can also set the range for heating, the minimum and maximum temperature. The temperature will rise to the highest pre-set temperature. To have a refreshing and fulfilling experience, set the range to be between 190-210 degrees Celsius.

How to Accessorize Airvape X in 2020

Vapers need the freedom to customize their experience. The Airvape X vaporizer can be customized to offer such freedom. There is a wide range of accessories in the market. You can personalize your AirvapeX and surprise your friends. The accessorize offer style and adds functionality. Some cool stuff to get are:

  1. Charging Dock

Today, all electronic devices use USB cables for charging. With all these cables in our possession, cable management is just a nightmare. You cannot retrieve the Airvape USB cable without entangling it from the rest. A charging dock eliminates the worry of cable management. With a charging dock, you will work on a clutter-free environment.

A charging dock gives you peace of mind, and you can have a specific place to place your charging dock.

  1. A Rad Drip Tip/ Mouthpiece

Adding a rad drip tip on the mouthpiece from Airvape will add style and functionality. If you vape daily, saliva, tiny objects, and vape remnants will block your mouthpieces. An extra mouthpiece helps in long term maintenance of your vaporizer.

  1. A Magnetic Power Banks

A magnetic power bank is practical, portable, and hard to lose. With a standard Li-Ion 3.7V battery, it connects magnetically to the Airvape X vaporizer. A magnetic power bank allows you to use it on the go. Their small size enables it to fit in the pocket.

Airvape X Cleaning: How to care and Maintain Airvape?

Source: airvapeusa.com

To get a tasty vapor each time you use Airvape X vaporizer, you need to clean it regularly. Before you start cleaning the vaporizer, you need the following items:

  • Rubbing alcohol or purified cleaning solution
  • Freshwater
  • Paper towels
  • Bristle pipe cleaner
  • Cleaning brush

Cleaning and maintenance of your Airvape X is easy. You have to take care of the mouthpiece and heating chamber.

To clean the heating chamber, remove the cover lid. Allow rubbing alcohol flow to the bottom of the heating chamber—swap all-around the heating chamber, top to bottom, and the sides.

To clean the mouthpiece, take the mouthpiece apart and sock in the purified solution. Let it settle for about 30 minutes. Remove and dry it with paper towels. Next, use the bristle pipe cleaner to remove any remaining solid particles. Rinse the mouthpiece with fresh water and dry.

Let the device sit still for a while. Turn on later and follow the sterilization process. It will ensure no particles of the cleaning solution are still present.

For better care, brush the heating chamber after each use.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Airvape X

With the popularity of vaping gaining momentum, many products have flooded the market. Some Airvape X is genuine, and others counterfeit. To get a quality product, consider the following tips to guide you:

  • Shape and size: Airvape X vaporizers vary in shape and size. Airvape Xs is bigger than Airvape X.You should consider your tolerance level before buying. For beginners, Airvape X is better. Senior vapers can either use Airvape Xs or X.
  • Price: Before you decide what product to buy, you need to have a budget first. Airvape X is a quality product designed for style and functionality. The Airvape Xs is more costly than Airvape X. your budget will determine which product to buy.
  • Authenticity: As vaping is gaining popularity and momentum, so are unethical practices. The vaping market is flooded with counterfeit products. Products that are not only substandard but they also pose an imminent danger to users. Consider getting your Airvape X vaporizer from Apollo Airvape stores or certified distributors.

Our Take

The designers of Airvape X vaporizer wanted vapers to have freedom. The freedom to customize their vaping experience. Airvape X is backed with science and technology to offer that freedom.

Airvape X is not just a vaporizer. It is THE vaporizer. Once you vape from the Airvape X vaporizer, you never go back.

So, grab one Airvape X vaporizer for yourself and maybe for a friend.






Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid Effects

If you’re a medicinal cannabis patient or just a cannabis enthusiast, you might have heard about Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. But if you’re new to the idea of using cannabis, you may be wondering what these terms are, what the difference is, and how it can benefit you for your medical condition. Well, here is what you need to know about indica, sativa, and hybrid effects:

1.     Indica Strains

Indica contained evolutionary traits and were first discovered near the Himalayan Mountain range. This plant can protect itself from wind and cold due to its thickness, which prot

ects these plants in such harsh conditions.  Indicas provide higher yield in a minimum space.

·        Appearance

This type of marijuana has a bushy appearance, shorter than Sativas, have thicker stems, and broader and bigger pot leaves. They grow slower than Sativas at the time of the vegetation stage. This is because it has a higher concentration of buds.

·        Benefits

Indica strains are best for people suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia. Other benefits of this type of cannabis are relief from PTSD, anxiety, and depression due to its soothing effects. This is a true stoner drug that induces sleepiness in no time. If you feel stressed after a hectic shift, this type of cannabis can relax you. You need to smoke Indica strains in the evening as they affect your capability of functioning normally.

2.     Sativa Strains

Despite having extrem

e differences, Sativas and Indicas come under the same category. You will know the difference better if you have been smoking both these types of marijuana for some time.

·        Appearance

There is a massive difference between the appearance of both types of cannabis. Sativa is tall but has scarce and thin leaves. Sativa has a faster growth cycle, which is similar to vegetables. Sativa does not need extra care and micromanagement. You can grow these plants outdoors with proper exposure to light. If you have a big backyard and a county property, you can grow these plants quickly. But as these plants are tall, you should wall your property correctly.

·        Benefits

You can regard this plant as upper. It creates a great type of party vibe. People usually smoke this plant in the morning to stay active throughout the day. People who like to party can consume this type of cannabis in the night, receiving an extra boost. Most creative workers, designers, and artists use this plant to activate their minds and generate ideas. Sativa has a low CBD concentration and high levels of THC, so this plant can give you some paranoia and visual trips. Sativas can be useful for medical conditions,

but it is better to go with Indicas and Hybrids.

3.     Hybrid Strains

Hybrid is a mixture of Sativa and Indica, making this type of cannabis more interesting to gro. Hybrid sounds cool, but there isn’t anything new from an agricultural point of view. Civilizations have been combining different plants for so long, so they start combining different strains of cannabis, this is nothing new.

As time passes by, new and new versions of hybrids are combined with downplaying drawbacks and improving the features. There are numerous types of Hybrids with different effects and impacts on the body. It differs because of the growing methods.

Hybrid plants may have different features, impacts, and effects on the mind and body of a person, even if the grower is the same. Hybrids can control and change factors such as healing effect, terpenes, smell, and taste, and type of cannabis h


There are two major types of hybrids. One is the Indica-dominant, and the other is the Sativa-dominant. You can estimate the properties with the names as Indica-dominant have higher indica traits and vice versa. You will also find hybrid strains with a balance in both the strains. You will find Hybrid strains the most in the market.

Each Hybrid has specific features pertaining to psychoactive and medical effects. To obtain the potential impact of Hybrids, you need to analyze the chemical composition, CBD, and THC percentages. CBD is a substance that induces medical benefits, and THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect present in cannabis.

Choosing the Right Product

While choosing the right product, you need to consider the following things in your mind:

1.     Know What You Want

If you know how you are trying to feel, you can narrow down your options. Ask the employee at the dispensary how each product will affect you. You need to share your goal with the employee as they know more about what they are selling. There are different products to increase your energy, reduce anxiety, treat insomnia.

2.     What is Your Tolerance Level

Some strains are highly potent for you if you are a first-time user. At the same time, other products entry-level basics, so they are tolerable and mild. You need to discuss your level with the employee at the dispensary before purchasing any product.

3.     Considering Your Medical History

Cannabis may have an intense effect on your body despite being a natural product. You need to consider all your medications and medical conditions. If you are no sure about the effect on your condition, consult a doctor or a healthcare provider about your potential risks and individual benefits of using such products.

4.     Deciding the Method of Consumption

There are various benefits and drawbacks to each cannabis consumption technique. Smoking and vaping cannabis may irritate your airways and lungs, but the effect is quicker. However, chewable, gummies, and foods may be easy to tolerate, but at the same time, they take longer to bring relief and may be less effective.


You must consider a number of factors before choosing the right marijuana type, and it totally entirely on your preference. All marijuana types are unique and special. The best thing you can do is try all the types and judge which one is better. If you are looking for medical marijuana, you should contact a cannabis doctor. To use these plants properly, you need thorough guidance as these are volatile.


How Do Weed Vaporizer Brands Differ?

It’s very easy to think that weed vaporizers are basically one and the same. They might have different appearances, they might weigh differently, they might even have different brands and logos, but at the end of the day, you know that they are all united in their purpose: to get you high.

Believe me, I understand that. But the problem is, you have to look beyond your conception of the product so you can actually find the very best product as far as your personal set of circumstances go.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that if a device is going to work the same way as other devices, there’s really not much difference between them.

This is a very dangerous mindset to have because you can blow through a lot of cash if this is your attitude. Seriously. Because there’s a lot more going on beyond the difference in the logo.

These differences in design really reflect their design and philosophy. It also reflects the larger and deeper differences in overall corporate philosophy.

Now, please understand that weed vaporizers are not produced by the same corporate culture as Toyota, Honda or General Motors. It’s a black and white difference.

But whenever you’re dealing with any kind of manufacturing, there are still business considerations involved. And turning a blind eye to these business considerations is going to put you at a serious disadvantage.

Keep the following in mind when you’re in the market for a new weed vaporizer. It can make a big difference as far as you get the most value out of your hard-earned cash.

Years in Business


If a company has been around for quite a while, you know that it is more trustworthy.

How come? Well, every year you’re in business, there’s a possibility you’d get sued. Every year you’re in business, there’s a possibility that all sorts of drama involving your consumers might happen.

So, all these years are basically a preparation for you to not only produce high-quality products but to serve the people who use those products.

Industry Awards

Certain brands have a lot of awards. Other brands have absolutely zero awards. Why should you care? Aren’t a lot of these awards rigged?

Well, it depends on the award. If the award is from an organization you haven’t heard of before, it’s probably okay to disregard the award. Look at the brand as if it didn’t win awards.

On the other hand, if it got industry awards, these are awards handed out by other people in the electronic cigarette industry or vaporizer industry, pay attention.

When industries give out awards, they are basically acknowledging industry leaders. They’re acknowledging people who are doing it right all day, every day. They look at these award winners as the ones who set the standards for the industry.

You know you’re in solid footing when the brand that you are considering buying has a long track record of getting industry awards.

Renowned Product Line

If it seems that people that you know can’t seem to shut up about the product line of a particular brand, you might want to sit up and pay attention.

You have to understand that people don’t get excited about a product for no good reason. As the old saying goes, when there is smoke, there is fire.

There’s a reason why people are making all these noises. It’s not like they’re saying all of these things because they have nothing else better to do. There is a kernel of truth in all of this. This all leads from somewhere.

So, the key here is to pay attention to why people are excited. Is it an innovative design? Is it customer support? Is it the overall value that people get? Is it their advertising campaign?

Whatever it is, get to the root of the issue and figure out the reason for the renown or the fame of the brand and if it meets your particular needs.

For example, if people can’t stop talking about a particular herb vaporizer because it doesn’t gum up, you might want to pay attention if maintenance is a big thing with you.

If you’ve been burned in the past with devices that take forever to clean up, you might want to pay attention to that particular brand that has built a reputation for being low maintenance.

Do you see how this works? At the end of the day, it’s all about your needs. So as long as you’re systematic and methodical about this, there’s a high chance you will buy the right product the first time around.


How to Make Sure You Clean Up Your Weed Vaporizers Regularly

Usually, when people smoke marijuana, the first thing to go is motivation.

This should not be a surprise. I mean, when you’re smoking weed, your number one priority is just to relax, chill out, and possibly listen to some Bob Marley.

There’s nothing like reggae to get the edge off. It’s as if that music was just designed from the ground up to be listened to while consuming some stinky, sticky, good old bud.

But with that said, you have to be motivated enough to clean up your weed vaporizers. Otherwise, you’re going to have a nasty and stinky mess in your hands sooner rather than later.

A lot of weed aficionados think that the equipment that they use is basically just going to take care of themselves. What’s the point? Why overthink things? Why worry?

Well, here’s the problem. If you don’t have an advanced plan going in as you use your vaporizer, again and again, you’re probably just going to make things worse on yourself. Let’s put it this way, you’re not doing yourself any big favors.

I know this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially those who consume a lot of pot but hear me out. A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way.

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you’re really planning to fail. This applies to your career, your education, your relationships, and yes, it definitely applies to enjoy marijuana using weed vaporizers.

So, what’s the problem here? Well, the problem you’re trying to avoid is gummed up and sticky vaporizers.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, I just spent $50 on my weed vaporizer. What’s the big deal?” Well, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re buying one pot vaporizer after another, those $50 to add up. Before you know it, you could have spent hundreds of dollars every single year on vaporizers.

Maybe you’re misplacing them. Maybe they give out too early. Maybe you just badly maintained them because it got too sticky. It got all gummed up. This is bad news.

So, do yourself a big favor and use one of the following 3 methods. I put a lot of thinking into this so you don’t have to.

By being a little bit systematic and methodical on how you use your weed vaporizers, you ensure that they are in good operating condition.

This means that you buy them less often. This means you don’t have to take a break from your busy schedule, and you’re more likely to keep using them.

The worst reason why you should stop using a particular vaporizer is that it has somehow become too sticky. This really is the worst reason in the world because you’re spending your hard-earned dollars buying a replacement.

You didn’t have to. The only reason is that you just didn’t maintain it well enough, and now you can’t use it.

You’re just not motivated in using it. It’s stinky, it’s sticky, it’s a mess. In other words, your reasons are all psychological.

So, by using the methods below, you can avoid these bad news.

Method #1: Clean after x uses

You can set a hard rule for yourself. After, let’s say, 8 uses, regardless of whether you feel like it or not, and regardless of what day it is, you’re going to go ahead and take apart the vaporizer, dunk some parts in a cleaning solution, put it all back together, wipe everything down, and call it a day.

Now, there’s a lot recommending this approach because regardless of how you feel and regardless of whatever else is going on in your life, you stick to something and you follow through.

This builds discipline. This also ensures that the habits you pick up in this part of your life can be applied to other areas of your life. This can actually apply across the board.

The bad news with Method #1 is that most people who smoke weed are not really all that pumped up about following a certain plan of action. They’re all about enjoying the moment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, you’re just going with the flow.

And by you coming up with this plan to automatically clean your smoking implement is kind of a joy-kill and a buzzkill.

Method #2: Clean based on a schedule

This is really not much different from Method #1. The only difference is the triggering mechanism.

In Method #1, what triggers you is the number of times you use your weed vaporizer. In Method #2, you’re looking at the calendar. So regardless of how many times you vaped tobacco or pot, you’re going to have to clean it.

The great thing about scheduling is that you know when it’s going to happen so you give yourself some advanced preparation and you can prepare accordingly. It doesn’t take you by surprise.

It’s not something that kind of happens by the seat of your pants. You’re more likely to be emotionally ready to do it and more likely to follow through with it.

The big disadvantage with this is that it can easily become counterproductive, or at least you might think it’s counterproductive.

What if, for whatever reason, you did not use the vaporizer in that month? What if you were just chilling for the whole month? Does that mean that you’re going to have to clean it?

Yeah, well, that’s what Method #2 is about. It is a commitment. And a lot of people have a tough time committing.

Method #3: Clean based on how heavy your usage is

This is a personal favorite of a lot of people. The key here is the usage. It’s not the calendar, it’s not how many times you’ve used it. Instead, it turns on your experience.

If you use your weed vaporizer with a lot of people and you blew through a lot of weed, it’s probably a good idea to sober up the next day and clean out your equipment.

You know you get a lot of use from your equipment and you know that it’s up to the job. The least you can do is to clean it up the next day because you know that it went through quite heavy-duty use.

This is pretty easy to pull off because it is event triggered. You’re not looking at a calendar. You’re not looking at a fixed schedule of how many times you use the product. Instead, you’re just paying attention to your actual usage of the product itself.

It’s like your kind of rewarding the vaporizer because of the great experience it has delivered the day before.

The downside to this could be the type of person who’s going from one heavy usage day to the next. Once the days blur into each other, they might not have much motivation to clean up their device.

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use E-Cig Forums

A lot of people are under the impression that for whatever reason, forums are a thing of the past. I can understand why people think this way. Before Facebook got really big, forums played a vital role in helping people stay informed. 

Whenever people share some sort of common interest, it’s only a matter of time until one of them puts up an online forum. There are all sorts of free software people can install on their servers to create a forum. These message boards used to be the only game in town. 

Prior to the rise of Facebook and Reddit, it seemed that there was a forum for any kind of special interest. It doesn’t matter what you’re into; maybe you’re into miniatures, or medieval art, or a certain type of artist. It doesn’t matter. There’s sure to be a forum that catered to whatever it is you want to talk about. 

Even you couldn’t find a forum that is specifically on point, you can bet that there will be a sub-forum or a forum within an existing forum that caters to your needs. That’s how things were prior to Facebook. With Facebook and its billions and billions of users, it became increasingly clear that people did not need to take the extra step and go to forums. 

You only need to do a search on Facebook for whatever it is you’re interested in, and you can find pages, groups, and specific accounts and content discussing whatever it is you’re searching for. This didn’t catch on immediately, but just like with anything else pioneered by Facebook, once it did catch on, it pretty much sucked out all the oxygen from existing platforms. 

This definitely happened with message groups and forums. Those message boards that used to rule to roost, they’re basically few and far between. A lot of them have died. Now, please understand that a lot of them are still around. 

How can we say that they have died when you can still load them up on your browser? Officially, they haven’t died. When you go to those forums, and you noticed that the last discussion was from two years ago, you can reasonably say that those forums are good as dead. They’re like zombies. 

For all intents and purposes, they have indications of life because you can still load them with your browser, their domains haven’t expired. However, when it comes to the actual value you’re looking for, they’re dead. People aren’t talking on them. People aren’t updating threads. People aren’t pushing up threads. People aren’t bumping. People aren’t doing much of anything. 

This is due to the fact that Facebook has pretty much sucked out all the oxygen that used to fuel these millions and millions of forums. What can you do if you’re looking for electronic cigarette materials? What can you do if you’re looking to research e-cigs? What if you have your eyes set on a particular e-cig product? Are these forums completely worthless? 


How to use e-cig forums the right way 

First of all, you have to look for live forums. The good news is that there is a filtration process going on with these types of websites. What I mean by that is for every 100 forums that have basically died, there’s still one that is sufficiently active. 

Now, please don’t get too excited. Don’t think that these websites are so red-hot that there is an up-post almost every second. They’re not that busy. They’re still alive, you can bet that there would be at least several posts per day, but that’s pretty much the best you could expect from these websites. 

Considering what they have gone through, that’s quite a lot. So be happy that you could find a forum concerning electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, or any other type of e-cig product that is sufficiently active. 

The next thing you need to look at is whether they talk about the issues that you talk about. Some e-cig forums just talk about legalities. That is awesome if you are a lawyer, or if you have a business that involves the legalities of electronic cigarette products. 

Maybe you advise Chinese manufacturers looking to set up shop in the United States. Maybe you advise small-time to medium-scale distributors who are looking to get into the electronic cigarette game by importing all sorts of stuff from China. 

All these organizations would need solid legal advice or at least would need to know somebody who can give them access to the right forms. But outside of that, talking about the laws regarding electronic cigarettes probably doesn’t really impact or interest the actual users of these products. 

Their only interest would be if they could sue somebody if something goes wrong with their product. But outside of that, people really don’t want to be bothered. So you should look for e-cig forums that are open-ended enough so that they can support a wide range of discussions. 

In fact, they can be so open that they have a high likelihood of supporting the kind of discussion you want to have. With that said, here are just 5 of the many reasons why you should use e-cig forums. Don’t look at them as dinosaurs. Don’t look at them as relics of the past. Don’t look at them as essentially worthless resources, because there are better and more active resources available on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Believe it or not, given the long-term cumulative effect of the content posted on e-cig forums, stuff that was posted three years ago may still deliver solid value to your life right here, right now. Don’t be too quick to dismiss these forums as essentially irrelevant. No, they’re not. 

They can give you the solid information you’re looking for to make a fully informed decision, or to avoid losing money. In other words, the information they provide can still be valuable even though the consumer space has definitely shifted away from these online message boards. 

Don’t confuse the format for the value of the content contained in the format. With that said, here are five key reasons why you should bother with e-cig forums. 


They post the latest news 

The main problem I have going to sub-Reddits or Facebook groups, to get e-cig news is that a lot of the news is old news. Seriously, it’s as if a lot of these people wait until enough people repeat the same news over and over for them to decide to yet again report that news. 

Tell me something I haven’t heard. Tell me something new. Tell me something that will push the ball forward as far as the extent of my knowledge regarding everything related to electronic cigarettes. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s the kind of mindset I have coming in. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Facebook groups simply don’t police themselves to the extent that they compare their content to other groups. They think that they are floating out there on Facebook all alone, and then they think that they are 100% beneath. 

This mindset insulates them from having to double-check any kind of redundant information, or to police over the repeated or reposted materials. This is why you get a really messed up impression when you join these groups. You think that if you’ve seen one electronic cigarette group, you pretty have seen them all. 

Well, if that is your mindset, you have a lot going for you, because that’s precisely the case in 99% of the time. It’s really frustrating because you’re basically sifting through all sorts of posts that you have found in 1000 other groups. 

When you go to a forum, a lot of that goes away because a lot of forums focus on one hot news item, and it’s featured so prominently on the forum that people would think twice about reposting. They don’t want to look stupid. They don’t want to look dumb. 

So they would look at the top news items and just participate in the discussion thread instead of reposting yet another copy of the same information.

You get actual customer testimonials 

When you spend a lot of time on e-cig forums, you quickly learn to appreciate the tremendous peer pressure exerted on spammers, promoters, and scammers. In other words, there’s such a thing as community pressure. 

When people are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, community members will sit up and pay attention, and give them a piece of their mind. If enough people are made examples of, negative behavior simply doesn’t get repeated. That’s what is so awesome about forums because it’s so public. 

The problem with Facebook groups and other networking platforms is that it’s very easy for these otherwise public learning opportunities to become private. The spammer just gets deleted. A bad comment just gets hidden, end of story. 

The problem is the story doesn’t end there because people don’t know any better. They can keep repeating that same behavior because they think that there are no bad consequences. So what if they get banned? They can go to another group, and then another group after that. 

You don’t get that issue with electronic cigarette forums or e-cig message boards. Instead, you get actual customer testimonials. These are people who actually use the product. These are people who are very familiar with the pros and cons of a particular product. 

You can tell just by reading these reviews and testimonials that this is the real deal because they don’t give you the impression that the product is somehow, someway perfect. Instead, they paint a clear picture of the product, warts and all. 

If you’re looking for a tremendous amount of honesty, you should go to e-cig forums. You can get the inside dope on whatever it is you’re thinking of buying. 


Industry trends 

There are lots of industry trends in the e-cig marketplace. In fact, this marketplace is now worth 1 billion dollars and is going strong. Some analysts believe that the market will double in size in no time. That’s how hot the market is. 

As you can well imagine, industry trends take place almost instantly. It’s as if they come and go in a blink of an eye. The problem of Facebook groups that focus on industry trends is that there is a filtering process. 

You don’t get a full spectrum of all the trends showing up. Instead, you only get notified of the most heavily publicized trend, usually when there is a big company behind a specific initiative in the industry. You can bet people will hear about it. 

On the other hand, if there is something more exciting, that is more grassroots in nature, it usually takes several months for news of that to percolate up to the Facebook group level. You don’t have to worry about that delayed reaction when you visit e-cig forums. Any late, breaking industry trends are actively published by the moderators of these forums. 

They have their ear to the ground, so to speak. They know what’s going on in the industry. They know the movers and shakers and the best part is a lot of them are unbiased. It’s not like they have a dog in the game. It’s not like they’re being paid by one side over another. 

This is what really sealed the deal for e-cig forums for me. A little bit of objectivity and lack of bias can go a long way. 


Customer feedback and discussion 

Usually, when a customer gives honest feedback regarding a product, this triggers a massive debate on Facebook groups. Just everybody else, I can tolerate a certain level of (15:00). As long as it clearly identifies the positions on both sides, and enables me to clearly see the pros and cons of their argument, I’m up for debate. 

The problem is debates are neither orderly, clear, nor conclusive when performed on Facebook groups. In fact, in many cases, it’s just a digital shouting match. And what’s worse is that a lot of brands may pay people to just speak up and essentially shout down the other side. 

What if the other side has a valid claim? What if the information that their sharing can actually help the brand that’s being questioned step up its game? Unfortunately, none of those are happening because it’s just a digital shouting match. 

You don’t get that impression with electronic cigarette forums. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they’re perfect. I’m not saying that there are no pointless shouting matches, but whatever heated exchanges there are, are moderate, to the extent that they create more light than heat. 


Coupon codes 

Finally, if you’re looking to save a lot of money on your next visit to your favorite electronic cigarette store? You might want to consider stopping by an e-cig forum first. Whenever product launches, or whatever e-cig marketplaces feel pressure from their competitors, they’re quick to come up with corrective measures. 

One of the most common corrective measures, of course, are coupon codes. Coupon codes are a great way of keeping consumers loyal. It’s also a great way of pushing consumers to try out more products that they haven’t tried out before. 

This leads to greater community interaction around certain brands. This also leads to long-lasting relationships. And the best part of all of this is it’s so public. This is why a lot of manufacturers and distributors would rather coupon codes on e-cig forums because they know this material can get in front of the right eyeballs. 

Compare this with e-cig Facebook groups. There’s so much noise being published on those places that you’d be surprised if you see something as useful as a coupon code show up on your Facebook timeline. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but it’s so few and far between that it’s much better to go to a more specialized source of this type of information. 

Keep the five reasons above in mind if you’re still on the fence regarding visiting e-cig forums. I’m not saying that e-cig forums are perfect. They’re not perfect by a long shot, but based on what I know about everything else available, they definitely have a lot more advantages than disadvantages.