Best Oil Vaporizer Pens of 2020

best oil vape

T he recent rise of CBD and THC oil consumption has brought on a corresponding increase in the demand for oil vaporizer pens. A lot of people are searching for the best cannabis oil vape pen or best 510 threaded batteries for pre-filled cartridges.

Here is a list that examines the features and capabilities of these devices while taking their prices also as a consideration.

The features we considered are manufacturing quality, power flexibility, ease of use, portability, and overall experience.

best vape pen

Kandypens Special K- Black

The K Black features a stylish and stealthy adaptation of the ordinary weed vape shape. It has two 1-ml containers, temperature regulator with 3 settings, and other handy accessories. The K Black’s battery comes covered with a full warranty.

best vape pen

PCKT One Plus

The One Plus is a sturdy pocketable device ideal for use with weed oil. It comes with a 600mAh rechargeable battery that can power the vape pen for about two days. Full battery charging takes about an hour with an included USB adapter. The One Plus has three temperature settings ideal for providing a soothing flavor-filled puff. 

The PCKT One Plus has a solid metal body and is usable with most 510 cartridges. It has uncomplicated controls and is extremely portable.


O-Pen Vape

The O-Pen Vape is a reliable and popular weed oil pen. It has a bowl made of food-grade material. It comes with a syringe to facilitate filling. The internal cartridge holds 0.5 grams and comes with a USB rechargeable battery. The O-Pen comes with a complete Fill It Yourself Kit that offers an enjoyable experience in vaping.


Linx Hermes 3

The Hermes 3 is an innovative oil vape pen. It’s adaptable with a wide range of oil viscosities. That gives you the flexibility of choosing your preferred oil or use 510 cartridges. It has a tank that includes a ceramic heating element, and a vapor path made of medical-grade materials. It efficiently produces flavor-filled vapor consistently.

The Hermes 3 offers three temperature settings. A 290mAh battery powers the Hermes 3 enough for about a day’s use. 

best vape pen

CBDfx Vapekit

The Vapekit is very handy and sturdy. It has an industry-standard oil cartridge for use with all of your favorite CBD or THC oils. The Vapekit features a 1000mAh battery that is USB-recharged. It is very light at only 2 ounces.

best vape

Kandypens Slim Kit

The Slim Kit is a very stealthy little 510-threaded oil pen. It has a tank that holds 0.5-ml and runs on a 180mAh battery. There are no control buttons on the Slim because the battery is draw-activated.  Despite its small diameter, the Slim Kit does well with thick oils. It also produces good quality vapors.

The Slim is very portable as its size makes it almost unnoticeable while inside your pocket. One negative aspect is the lack of temperature flexibility. 

best oil vape

Hippie Nano Plus

The Hippie Nano Plus is the world’s SMALLEST vaporizer for liquid,  a great choice to be used with any disposable cartridge with 510 thread. Fill the leak-proof tank, that is included, with your favorite Liquid, either way, this vape is the most portable convenience on-the-go. This supermini vaporizer designed for discretion, easily fits in your pocket or purse, invisible in your palm and travels well thanks to its compact size.


All of the oil vaporizer pens in this list are easy and convenient to use. They are all optimized in getting the most out of your cannabis experience. 

We hope you found this list helpful. Happy vaping!


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