Vaping juice

Canadian company Theravape, which was founded by a group of licensed healthcare professionals, has been concocting quality e-liquids in the past several years now. They wanted to offer the vaping community world-class e-liquids as a healthier alternative to smoking.  

All their products are third-party tested for any potentially harmful substances. They use only food-grade flavorings, propylene glycol, and glycerin, plus USP grade nicotine for the safest and highest quality vaping experience. The company is also a proud member of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association, which has strict quality control standards.

Their latest flavors are from a new e-juice line named Ice Ice. So far, they’ve come up with three basic flavors, namely, Lemon, Apple, and Mango.

The Packaging

The bottles Abstrakt uses are the 60ml chubby gorilla type with a clear plastic body, although most of the sides are wrapped in a colorful opaque plastic label. They’re also available in 120ml bottles. The juices come in a 30pg:70vg ratio and with an option for 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength.

They share the same red-colored logo with the words “ICE ICE” printed prominently in white bold letters above with the specific flavor placed underneath. At the bottom of the bottle and right below the flavor’s name are images of the matching fruits. There’s the familiar black colored skull and crossbones regulatory warning printed over them. Overall the labeling is flashy and eye-catching.

The name kind of brings to mind that kitschy 80’s rap song, doesn’t it? 

ICE ICE Flavors

As mentioned before, they come in three different fruit flavors so far. Some vapers who are accustomed to more fancy-sounding names like Blue Raz Cotton Candy, Banana Nut Bread, or Black Mamba might be put off buying simple fruit names. But as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, so don’t let the simple fruit names fool you.


As described on their site, this is pink lemonade with raspberry and has been shaken vigorously with “glacier ice.” To be honest, the flavor lemon doesn’t exactly blow our minds. Don’t get us wrong. Lemon is a great flavor, but it’s just too familiar.

Even so, they did an outstanding job with this juice. Theravape somehow managed to deliver the classic pink lemonade flavor we love to drink during hot summer days.  They also achieve in striking the right balance between sweetness and sourness.  

The icy coolness that the ICE ICE line is based on is stronger in this flavor than the other two. Having said that, it isn’t overpowering and is, in fact, quite mild. 

The citrus flavor might have helped spike it up a bit. Anyway, lemon and ice always make a great combination, whether it be in candy or lemonade, and apparently, in e-juices as well. If you like your lemonade mixed with a bit of ice, then you won’t be disappointed with this one.


Theravape describes this as three types of pressed apples that have been poured on “liquid nitrogen.”  It is an incredible blend of many apples, yet the flavor is rich and juicy but different from any single type of apple. 

It does seem like we were drinking from a glass of delightful apple juice. The cider flavor is unmistakable and leaning more towards the taste of ambrosia apples. We can’t exactly pick up on the red and green ones used, but they do give it a more distinct flavor.

As for the icy coolness from the line, throwing in “liquid nitrogen” into the description may be a bit of a stretch.  In reality, it’s rather mild here but adds a refreshing buzz that makes it unique from other apple-flavored e-juices. The ice really does a good job of making it a more pleasant experience.  We never got tired of vaping on this one, and we think, so will you.  


This one is described as pureed “ripe Philippine mangoes” poured on shaved ice. Who doesn’t like mangoes? We love them, but we’ve never tasted mango like this before, even with real-life ones. They say these are from the Philippines. That place must be mango heaven because if the actual fruit tastes like this one, then where has it been all our lives? 

It’s truly different from any other mango e-juice we’ve ever had before. This one tastes sweeter and fruitier, which completely surprised us after vaping on it for a while. We also found it to have that tanginess mango is known for, which adds to its authenticity.

The tinge of coolness added is just the right amount to mellow down the mango taste a bit.  The result is a light and more refreshing mango flavor with a hint of coolness. We just can’t seem to get enough of it. We highly recommend that you try it out for yourselves.

Closing thoughts

As mentioned before, Therevape has been in the business for several years, and their experience and expertise in producing e-liquids shines in this new ICE ICE line.  It only shows that they know what they’re doing. We’ve tried several of other flavors from them before, and none of those have ever disappointed us. In fact, we are always looking forward to any new releases coming from Theravape.

As for the three flavors here, they all have a wonderful and rich taste that’s true to the fruits they represent with a touch of iciness added to make things more interesting. Even if a bit mild, the flavor never wanes and is abundant throughout the session.

Hands down, our favorite in this trio has got to be the Mango flavor. It’s just something that caught us off-guard but in a pleasant way. We will have to add it to our rotation of favorite e-juices that we regularly use.

If you want to try having a touch of ice in your e-juices and love authentic fruity flavors, you can’t go wrong with Theravape’s ICE ICE flavors. We won’t be surprised if they find a way into your list of favorites.