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The Packaging

First impressions are that the juices have a dark amber color. They all come in genuine 60ml chubby gorilla plastic bottles and are available in 120ml as well. They each have a 30pg:70vg ratio and options for zero, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength. All the main ingredients are USP certified, and Abstrakt uses both natural and artificial flavoring.  

The label has a different color for each flavor, but they all have the name Abstrakt printed down just above the flavor’s name. They have a somewhat uninviting medical product look, but the colors are quite pleasant.  All the regulatory warnings are near the bottom, printed in black.

The Flavors

As mentioned above, the labeling doesn’t exactly do a great job to entice buyers to try out the flavors. If you’re not familiar with the company, you might go for something else. But, we’re here to find out exactly what they taste like.

The Classic

According to Abstrakt, this one has the ultimate combination of classic fruits with ripe bananas and strawberries that is virtually a vaping smoothie. It might be the best one in the group. The freshly peeled banana taste and smell are more pronounced with a slight strawberry note.

And you’ll indeed get a creaminess like that from a smoothie. It’s on the exhale that you’ll get the most satisfaction out of the flavors.  It could have a bit more strawberry, but overall, it tastes pretty good and natural. There’s some amount of throat hit, but nothing too unpleasant to lessen your enjoyment.

Dime Piece

This one is supposed to taste like tart kiwi and tangy strawberry that are both sugary with a touch of ice. When you open the bottle and smell it, there’s just a hint of strawberry, and what you get most is the Kiwi. After vaping on it for a while, what you’ll notice is the strong kiwi candy flavor.

The tanginess claimed with the strawberry seems to have gone AWOL, though.  You get a hint of it here and there, but it’s the Kiwi that dominates the mix. Maybe it could’ve used a little more sweetness, and the “ice” part still eludes us. It’s still a good one, although not how we imagined it would be based on the description.


They describe it as a crisp combination of pastry flavor with a dash of citrus that envelops the taste buds with a creamy meringue filling as well as a savory crust. The first impression we got is that it tastes like a mild lemon meringue pie or a similar pastry dessert.  It certainly smells like that the moment you open the bottle.

However, the lemon filling’s taste takes a backseat to the pastry on this one, but it’s there and is still enjoyable. We just felt that it could’ve used a bit more lemon to be perfect. The sweetness has also been toned down a tad. It’s during exhalation that you can savor all of the flavors, although there’s some dryness to it.

There’s also a mild throat hit, but we think it would be more attributable to the dryness than to the harshness of the vapes. It’s nothing to detract from the pleasant flavors and aromas. All in all, it’s a well put together and mild lemon treat.

The Plug ICE

It’s supposed to have an “astonishingly accurate” taste of hard watermelon candy. Like most watermelon candy, we found it to have this slightly artificial taste.  So in that sense, the description is accurate as well. And as with the other flavors that we’ve tried here, the sweetness has been dialed down. Only this time, by quite a lot, it seems. 

As for the candy flavor they were going for, we think it would’ve benefited from a touch more sugary taste. Because as it is, it comes off as a bit bland watermelon candy with a dryness on the exhale. The taste isn’t awful or unpleasant by any means, but it’s nothing to write home about either.

Dough Boy

According to them, it’s a sticky strawberry jam layer around a doughnut that’s been “delicately fried,” tastes creamy, and sprinkled with some brown sugar.  This one can give The Classic a run for its money and is another favorite of ours. After opening the bottle and taking a whiff, it treats you to a pleasant smell of baked goods.

The mild pastry taste that greets you when inhaling it must be the doughnut with a hint of the strawberry glaze.  On the exhale, you can appreciate this combination a lot more, and it comes with a bit of creaminess to it. It’s funny remembering how it made us want to take a sip of our favorite brewed cup of coffee while we were vaping on it.

Closing thoughts

Overall we found this bunch from Abstrakt to be quite pleasing flavors. The standouts are The Classic, the Dough Boy, and Meringue, while our least favorite was The Plug.  We did notice that there was a bit of a throat hit vaping on all of them, but it was nothing harsh or unpleasant. We also noticed the toned down sweetness, which some may or may not like.  

We’re not sure if the selection we tried includes their hottest selling ones, but there are a lot more flavors listed on their site that might be worth a look.