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What is Edible Cannabis?

Food products that include decarboxylated cannabinoids (cannabinoid acids converted to their orally bioactive form from cannabis extract) as an active component are known as cannabis edibles or cannabis-infused foods. In contrast to the more general term “edible,” “liquid edible” or “drinkable” refers to a cannabis-infused beverage. Cannabis may be consumed in the form of edibles. […]

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Best grinders on the market

Without a good grinder, you’d be better off chopping the grams in half, sloshing one half onto a rolling paper with your sweaty hands, and then throwing the other half down your trash disposal. Oh, the irony! However, if you have a good grinder, you’ll get the most out of your smoking (or baking, decarboxylating, […]

Healthy Vaping = Healthy Planet

At UC Davis, the Pinkerton Laboratory injects new life into the study of e-cigarettes. Kent Pinkerton, co-director of the Environmental Health Sciences Center at the University of California, Davis, is heading a new investigation into how e-cigarette vapor impacts lung health. Morgan Poindexter and Navid Singhrao, two graduate students in the Pinkerton Lab, describe their […]