The key hallmarks of a top-notch weed vaporizer

If you are on the market for a vaporizer so you can smoke some fine-grade Marijuana. You have your work cut out for you. While you’re definitely on the right path because you’re choosing not to burn the weed when smoking it, vaping is a little bit more complicated than a lot of people expect.

Make no mistake. Buying a weed vape pen is no joke. There are all sorts of vape pen products out there. There are too many weed vape device models on the market. Please understand that this is going to be the pattern for quite some time as recreational marijuana gets legalized on the state level in the United States.

Almost every time there’s an election, it’s only a matter of time before America turns green. I’m talking about turning green as the Marijuana plant. Canada has fully legalized weed and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up.

It turns out that Marijuana is not the devil’s lawn clippings as many authorities have historically led us to believe. Now, given the change in market dynamics, it’s no surprise that there are too many weed vape device models in the market. In fact, there are too many to choose from.

It’s very easy to get confused. It’s very easy to think that if you’ve seen one vaporizer, that you’ve pretty much seen all weed vaporizers and that they’re all a dime a dozen. Well, that’s the wrong mindset. It’s very easy to get burned or ripped off by one device after another because you have the wrong selection criteria in mind.

Finding the best vaporizer for weed takes work and time. The good news is it’s a worthy investment. If you want to truly unlock all the herbal goodness of high-grade Marijuana strains, you have to have the right vaping device.

The great thing about vaporizing is that it heats up whatever herbal feedstock you put into it. Maybe you’re using Kratom, Tobacco, or Marijuana. Whatever the case may be, the device heats it to just below the point before low burning so it unlocks all the herbal goodness that Mother Nature has packed into that plant without producing tar.

This is a big deal. When you burn something, not only do you line the inner sensitive parts of your lungs with the same stuff that construction companies lay down on the road when making asphalt streets, the burning process also unleashes a tremendous number of gases.

In fact, when you smoke a traditional cigarette, you are ingesting over 100 different gases. Some of these are not studies all that well and who know what their long-term health effects are. You sidestep all of that when you’re using a vaporizer.

This is why it’s really important to find the best vaporizer for weed. It’s not as easy as you think. Here are some key rules of thumb to keep in mind.

The right weed pen is easy to hide

You don’t want to smoke out in public. Sure, it may be legal in your jurisdiction, but you still have to do it discreetly. You don’t really know whether your boss is watching or your girlfriend’s father is in the crowd. A little bit of discretion goes a long way.

You need to make sure that the weed pen that you have your eye on is very easy to hide. Now, just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it’s easy to hide. Pay attention to its construction. Is it very shiny? When you use it, can people a few feet away tell that you are actually vaping?

The best vaporizers for weed heat up very quickly

Nobody has all the time in the world to vape. Generally speaking, people are looking for a quick in-and-out solution. Maybe you’re taking a break from studying in college so you want to lighten the load a little bit and enjoy some pot. No problem there. The challenge is doing it quickly so you can mellow out and then get back to studying or writing your paper.

The best vaporizers heat up your weed in almost no time. This way, you can draw quickly, get over it, and then mellow up enough for you to get on with the rest of your project.

Most weed pipes for sale can’t do the job of a vaporizer

It’s very easy to think that a weed pipe is the same as a vaporizer except for the smoke. It’s very easy to just compartmentalize the decision process that way. If you fall into this rabbit hole, you’re basically saying that these two devices are functionally equivalent.

Now, we all know that this is not the case. If you really want to protect your health and also avoid some of the negative effects of smoking Marijuana, go for a vaporizer. They’re not one and the same as weed pipes.

The best weed vaporizer is easy to take apart and clean

This is a deal-killer for a lot of people. Let’s face it. When you’re high, you’re not really motivated to do much of anything. If you want people to slow down and take it easy, hand them some weed. It pretty much works all the time.

It is no surprise that a lot of vaporizers that are very complicated and have tough-to-disassemble designs get dirty and sooner or later are no longer used. In other words, you have to go out there and get a new vaporizer. This can get quite expensive.

The best weed vaporizer is designed with motivation in mind. This means that they take all the guess work out of disassembly so that these devices are easy to take apart and clean.

Finally, the right portable weed vaporizer for you is something you’d want to use all the time

It has to be small and portable enough and let’s face it, it has to be fun enough so you can use it every single time. Why is this a big deal? Why is repeat usage such a big consideration? Well, the more you use something, the more you get your money’s worth.

Sure, something might cost $10, but if you use it only twice, you paid exactly $5 for each use. It turns out that that item, whatever it is, is actually quite expensive to buy. Now, if something costs $1000, but you get to use it a million times, then that’s the probably the best purchase you ever made. I hope you get the point.

Does It Make Sense to Use Heavy Vaporizers?

I’m sure that if you are a heavy vaporizer user, you have gone to a friend’s place and been treated to a heavy-duty vaporizer. While vape pens are all the rage nowadays, there is a segment of the market that is focused on heavy-duty use. We’re talking about people who want the maximum experience using a vaporizer. These units are almost the precise opposite of immensely popular vape pens.

Vape pens are light and compact. These features are the main reason why they are so popular. When you are vaping out in public or on-the-go, you want something that you can quickly get from point A to point B with.

You don’t want to lug around something that will hold you back and drag you down. You don’t want something that’s too heavy or takes up too much space. Who wants to hassle with any of that? Instead, you want something that is very light, very easy to hide, very easy to take care of and that’s why vape pens are all the rage.

The problem is if you are in any kind of social setting and everybody is enjoying their favorite dried herb, whether it’s nicotine, kratom or, yes, marijuana, passing around a light vape pen gets old very quickly. It really does.

I mean when you’re using a vaporizer, it seems like you’re just back to smoking a bong. Don’t get me wrong. That’s a lot of fun especially in college, but you’re looking for something different. You’re looking for something more compelling. You’re looking for something that would really capture the overall experience and excitement of vaping.

This is where heavy-duty vaporizers come in. Please understand that it really would be a shame to use such heavy-duty equipment on plain, old nicotine. Yes, I am talking about tobacco whether in shredded form or in a packed, almost snuff-like format. You’re better off using heavy-duty vaporizers with heavy-duty pot.

Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, this wouldn’t be a problem. For example, if you are vaporizing weed in places like Oregon, Washington, California, the District of Columbia or Colorado, it should be okay.

The problem with heavy-duty vaporizers is that they are very heavy. They take a lot of space. They’re bulk. They’re usually not all that portable. It’s not like you can just quickly get from point A to point B with them.

How Vaping Works

To fully explore the question of whether it makes sense to use heavy vaporizers or heavy-duty units, we must first revisit the question of how vaporizing works. When you vaporize herbal or organic material, you are heating it at a certain temperature range so as to free its internal biochemical compounds without burning the item.

This is crucial. There’s no burning involved. It’s kind of like boiling the internal part of the herb so that it releases certain gases but beyond this point, you’re not burning.

It’s a fine line and vape pens and other vaporizer devices are designed to stay within that safe non-burning range. Why wouldn’t people want to smoke? After all, when you smoke, you’re burning the tobacco or marijuana.

It all boils down to a one-word answer: tar. If you’ve ever driven on an asphalt road and you see that black stuff that they put on the top of the road, pay close attention. It doesn’t smell well; it can be very sticky and it can get really tough.

I want you to focus on that mental image because that’s precisely the kind of substance that you will be painting on the sensitive, thin inner lining of your lungs when you smoke anything. That’s right. When you inhale smoke, which is created through a burning process, there is tar involved.

As you probably already know, that’s a bad idea because it can lead to lung cancer, severe restriction of your lungs’ capabilities and a long laundry list of bad health news. This is why vaping is so popular.

Still, a lot of people use vaporizing devices that really don’t fully unlock the full potential of the stuff that they are using. It really is too bad because if you use a heavy-duty vaporizer, you can get every single microgram’s worth of value from the stuff that you are vaping. Whether you’re vaporizing tobacco or something else, a heavy-duty vaporizer can do the job.

Invest in a heavy-duty weed vaporizer if you are vaporizing primarily cannabis. They help you do vape tricks. They also enable you to get the experience you’re looking for. Let’s face it. Whatever vaping device you’re into, you’re looking for an experience. When you choose to move past the vape pen models and focus on heavy-duty vaporizers, you are in for a heavy-duty experience.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Have more fund vaping by turning it into a social activity. That’s what’s so great about heavy-duty vaporizers. They’re not only conversation pieces. They get everybody high; everybody gets to have a good time and it’s part of the social interaction of the group. Not so with a vape pen that you pass around.

How to spot the best portable vaporizers

If you are looking for the very best way to ingest any kind of herbal compound straight into your lungs, you definitely need to wrap your mind around vaporizers. This method of nicotine or marijuana ingestion blows away the competition.

I know that’s kind of a big claim to make, so hear me out. Unlike smoking cigarettes or smoking from a bong or marijuana pipe, when you vape, you don’t burn and produce smoke. Why is this a big deal? Well, when you produce smoke, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re burning marijuana or tobacco leaves or other types of tobacco products, you create tar.

Do you know what tar is? Imagine how sensitive the inner lining of your lungs is. Please understand this inner lining has really ting hairs that help keep your lungs healthy. Your lungs, after all, ensure that when you breathe, you draw enough oxygen and you distribute this oxygen through your bloodstream.

If you don’t get enough air, your brain starts to slowly die. That’s how important your lungs are. Without your lungs, you’re not going to be alive all that much longer. That’s how crucial they are to your overall system. Imagine that sensitive organ being lined from deep within with nasty, sticky, black tar. That’s right. The same kind of tar that you see on asphalt roads. If you’ve ever seen asphalt being laid, believe me, it’s a very hot, nasty, stinky, sticky situation. That’s similar to the kind of tar you get in the inside lining of your lungs. This is not a joke.

There’s a reason why people die from lung cancer year after year. It’s an unnecessary tragedy. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s all done by a bad choice and sadly, this choice is being exercised in all 4 corners of the globe day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. When you switch to a portable vaporizer, you can say goodbye to all of that. This is why there’s been such an explosion of vaporizers because you heat up the herb that you’ve chosen at such a low level that you don’t burn it. You get the benefits without the hassles of tar. How can you not fall in love with that value proposition? It’s no surprise that there are many different types of vape pen products currently on the market.

It seems that these brands are popping up all over the place and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. They look so different. There’s a tremendous amount of hype around them. A lot of them have even managed to build up quite a bit of a reputation. But when you go to the typical vape shop, you are in for a bit of a challenge. Why? Not all vape shop offerings are good. You have to know the kind of vape pen or portable vaporizer that best fits your particular needs. Everybody’s got preferences. You shouldn’t explain why you prefer what you prefer. Instead, focus all your firepower on making sure that whatever vaping products you buy closely fits your particular personal circumstances as well as your personal wants and needs. Also, you need to think ahead to vape mods. You may think the vaporizer you’re using now produces a lot of vapor and does the job really well. That’s just part of the story. You need to look at the complete picture. You may want to pay attention to vape mods. Why? These modifications really enable your device to perform at a very high level of efficiency. In other words, it’s stepping up the overall quality of the experience that you get from this device. You have to remember that when you sum everything up, you are looking for a vaping lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that you really have to plan for. It’s not something you stumble upon. It doesn’t happen by dumb luck. It definitely doesn’t happen by random chance.

If you really want to get the very best out of the vaping lifestyle, you have to choose the right vape pens, you have to know the difference between a dry herb vaporizer vs weed vaporizer. We’re all adults here. You know that from time to time, you’re probably going to load some green, sticky, stinky, all-powerful marijuana in your vaporizer. Do yourself a big favor. Make sure that you have the right device that does the best job all day every day. Make sure you pick a device that is able to take quite a bit of punishment in terms of repeated use so it can continue to give you the kind of experience that you are looking for many years to come. Don’t just do a random search for “vape shops near me” and call it a day. Those vape shops have different products for a particular reason. Make sure those reasons fit your particular circumstances otherwise you don’t have any good reasons for doing business with such companies. Find many different vapes for sale ads online so you can be able to make a truly informed choice. How exactly do you find the very best vape pen? Pay close attention to the following factors. The more of these factors you see in one product, the higher the chance that is the right product for you. First of all, it should give you a solid draw. This is not negotiable. If you pick a vape pen that takes a tremendous amount of effort just to draw vapor out of it, then you have picked the wrong product. Also, the right device is very light, compact, and easy to clean. These all come hand in hand because let’s face it, it’s not like you’re lugging around this big machine because you want to make some sort of public statement. You want to vape in relative anonymity while maximizing comfort and convenience. Picking a device with a small form can definitely go a long way. The bottom line is you need to look for a product that has a high total use value. The more you can use the product over an extended period of time, the more valuable it is. That’s the bottom line because your total cost per use goes down dramatically. Finally, while branding helps, you should look beyond the brand. You should look for whether there’s a tight fit between the value the particular vaping device brings to the table and your particular set of preferences and needs. That’s how you play the game to win.



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They want a marijuana vaporizer that does the job in a quick, smooth and slick way. In other words, if you want to do some ninja vaping, either indoors or outdoors, you want something that will do it very rapidly and with minimal fuss and unnecessary drama. Read more

How to Find the Very Best Vaporizer?

A lot of people think that when it comes down to picking out the right vape pen from their favorite online vape shop, that they’re basically stuck with a pretty standard formula. They’re looking for vaporizer devices that enable them to maximize the amount of marijuana smoke they can draw with each use. It’s very easy to look at the typical herbal vaporizer from this perspective. Read more

Here are a few ways Mary chooses to relax when done reading weed vaporizer reviews

One of the best ways to relaxing after a writing vaporizer reviews is to take some time and walk on the beach.  Why is the beach so relaxing?  There is nothing more calming, relaxing and healing that the ocean’s salt water.  Swimming in the ocean is even more beneficial due to the it being high in magnesium that helps reduce muscle aches and insomnia.  It may also boost your immune system, hydration to the skin and better your circulation.  The ocean is also enriched in other minerals such as sodium, sulphate, calcium and chloride.  Just don’t drink it!  Sometimes if it’s too chilly to go all the way into the water, I like to just dip my feet in and the soothing sounds of the ocean is also very calming.  I also like to read near the water of vaporizer reviews.

If you’re not near the ocean, possibly invest in some Epsom salt (very affordable) also contains magnesium and sulfate.  How is Epsom salt beneficial?  Believe it or not, Magnesium Sulfate is a mineral that most people are lacking greatly.  According to other portable vaporizer reviews, when soaking with a warm bath with Epsom Salt, this can help ease stress and relax your body by relieving pain symptoms and cramping.  Epsom Salt also helps with muscles and nerve function, prevents blood clots and arteries hardening.

Speaking of reading near these ocean, reading is another great way to relax and relieve some of your stress.  Speaking of reading, check out herbal vaporizer reviews and learn more about which portable vaporizer is the best for you to relax with.  If you’ve had enough of reading the vape pen review, there is other great novels that may spark your interest and often a nice to way to get away from reality for a little bit in a healthy way.  Sometimes reading another person’s material is a great way to gain more knowledge, which will make you feel good since you’re being mentally stimulated and reading in general helps improve your memory.  Vapor Reviews can be very informative as well.

So you’re reading the best vaporizer reviews, near the ocean or in an enriched epsom salt bath, and since you’re relaxing, can not think of a better opportunity to also vaporize!  That is another way to relax from weed vaporizer reviews.  How can vaporizing be beneficial to you?  Suffering from anxiety can make it difficult to relax and/or fall asleep at night. More and more consumers are understanding the benefits of marijuana consumption.  Traditional smoking is out and alternative options are in, and by vaporizing, you are eliminating 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins.  The purest method of weed consumption is vaporizing.  After reading weed vaporizer reviews, you’ll understand all the different types of vaporizers that are on the market.  I would recommend portable since you can take it anywhere you go if you were to go relax at the beach.  There’s may different options, but my favorite is the AirVape Xs because of it’s similarity to the iPhone design, elegant and very easy to use.

In case you have been living under a rock Vaporizer Pen Reviews  suggest that animals are in fact the BEST all natural medicine for human beings.  Pets, such as dogs will love you unconditionally, always.  Dogs in particular will know just how to comfort you and make you feel like the most special human being from the moment that you walk through the door after a long hard day.  It can be tough to invest in a pup due to housing and apartment situations, however if you’ve suffering from anxiety or depression, you may be able to get your pup certified as an emotion support animal.  It’s not the cheapest method, but your pet would be exempt from all non pet housing establishments and does not discriminate from your pet’s breed or any animal really.  Keep in mind that you may need a letter from you doctor saying that you are in need of your emotional support animal and the letter is good for an entire year.  You can also do this online.  And if you can’t have a pet, by volunteering at your local animal shelter for even a couple of hour of your time per week or per month, you’re doing something that is benefiting another innocent being and the outcome is truly rewarding.  Maybe you’ll even adopt your next pet from where you choose to volunteer at.

Another way for Mary to relax after weed vaporizer reviews is combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience.  The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow circulation throughout the body. The hot stones obtain a sedative effect that can relieve pain symptoms, stress and promote the ultimate relaxation.  Create a Groupon account and research a masseuse who is offering discounts on massages.  Hot stone massages are highly recommended, extremely relaxing and beneficial to your mind and body, especially after all the vaporizer pen reviews reading.  There are at least 50% discount massages every other week near your current location, but don’t forget to still tip generously.  Stay positive and pay it forward, which will make you feel good too.

Weed Vaporizer Reviews, Vaporizer Pen Reviews

Best Vaporizer Review

Traditional smoking raises many health concerns, but keep in mind that vaporizing eliminates 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other nasty toxins.  The purest method of Medical Marijuana consumption is vaporizing by vape reviews.

Let’s begin the the best vaporizer pen reviews, such as The Volcano Digit, DaVinci, AirVape Xs, PAX and the Hippie Rebel.

Let’s start out with the Volcano Digit for the herbal vaporizer reviews, one of the best things about this Digit is that it has a great big digital LED screen that displays the automatic shut off timer.  It is consumed with a vapor bag delivery system and diaphragm pump.  It’s also german engineered which sounds pretty cool.  A high performance heating element, which yeah it should because this bad boy goes for around $500.  You have exact temperature control from 104-446F, decent range to choose from.  However keep in mind, that the warranty is only for 3 years, which is a little risky when purchasing a vape this expensive.  It can also be a bit difficult in the beginning to set up and not necessarily the prettiest piece you’ll own.  That is the thing about desk top vapes, they are not portable vaporizer reviews to take from place to place, but battery usually lasts longer in desk top herb vape pen reviews.

Another for this vaporizer review is the DaVinci, nice and sleek design, however no display screen, but does display 51 cool looking LED lights in the form of a grid on the front of the vape, looking quite sophisticated.  Fast heating technology and may heat up from 250-430F assisted with a ceramic zirconium air path.  Decent battery life for being a portable vaporizer review as well.  Although this unit is great, it is highly prices at $279, but does include a 10 year warranty, however in recent experiences with customer service have not been the most pleasant due to the lack of being responsive when issues occur.

One of the best vaporizers for reviews that consume of portability, price and effectiveness is the AirVape Xs.  Priced affordable for $179 which a combination of conduction and convection heating, featuring display screen with exact temperature control from 200-428F and automatic changeable shut off timer.  One of the fastest heating portable vaporizers on the market to optimal temperature within 20 seconds.  A great feature that includes vibration when ready and when unit turns off.  You may also vaporize with waxy oil concentrates with the wax cup insert unlike many other units on the market that are only herbal vaporizers.  Comes with the lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.  The ceramic chamber size is a little on the smaller side due to the compact size of the vaporizer, however great for portability and not wasteful.  Recommended by vape review to purchase along with the AirVape Xs is the Xs Shell to keep the unit protected, smell proof and keeps the unit in tact with the mouthpiece.

Next on our vape review list is PAX 3 with several improvements from the PAX 2.  The PAX 3 by portable vaporizer review is priced at $279.  The difference between the two units is the heat up time, fast heating with the PAX 3 compared to how the PAX 2 priced at $199 took 45 seconds to heat.  But is it worth that big of a price difference?  You’re the judge and please comment by telling us what you think.  Compact and sleek design, however no display screen compared to units like the AirVape Xs and Hippie Rebel.  The settings can be a little complicated for any one new to the vaporizer in the beginning and the herb vape with another added setting that the unit heats up when it senses your lips and cools when you’re done.  Also has a decent battery life with a 10 year warranty.

Last but not least on our herb vape pen review is the Hippie Rebel.  Although the unit came out later in 2017, it is definitely trending within the industry and consumers.  The Hippie Rebel is made to fit right in the palm of your hand with great quality materials and aesthetically appealing.  Priced affordably at $159 and definitely worth every penny.  Equipped with display screen and full glass chamber which is very unique compared to other vapes for sale on the market.  Also, exact temperature control, automatic shut off time and very easy to use settings.  One of the fastest heating vaporizers with full convection heating to optimal temperature within just 15 seconds!  Also one of the easiest portable vaporizers to clean with minimal maintenance.  This weed vape only comes with a 2 year warranty compared to the AirVape Xs coming with the lifetime warranty.

Thank you for taking the time to read the weed vaporizer reviews, be sure to leave any questions and/or comments below!