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How Do Weed Vaporizer Brands Differ?

It’s very easy to think that weed vaporizers are basically one and the same. They might have different appearances, they might weigh differently, they might even have different brands and logos, but at the end of the day, you know that they are all united in their purpose: to get you high. Believe me, I […]

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use E-Cig Forums

A lot of people are under the impression that for whatever reason, forums are a thing of the past. I can understand why people think this way. Before Facebook got really big, forums played a vital role in helping people stay informed.  Whenever people share some sort of common interest, it’s only a matter of […]

Understanding the risks behind ecig-juices

A lot of the current mainstream media’s fascination with the health risks of electronic cigarettes turn on 2 things. First, they make a big deal out of this almost statistically insignificant chances of ecigs blowing up. This, of course, is due to bad battery design or bad overall construction. While this does happen, this takes […]

Your Quick Guide to How E-Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs have taken the United States by storm. In fact, it’s only been around for a few years yet it is already a one-billion-dollar annual industry. According to some estimates, it’s going to double in size soon enough. That’s how much interest there is in electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are a lot […]

Exploding e-cigarettes are merely a statistical distraction

I know the title of this article is probably not going to score me popularity points with certain groups of people. After all, if you’ve been reading online newspapers and checking out news commentary on cable TV, it seems that America has a brand new boogie man.  That’s right. It seems that a lot of […]

This Is The First Thing You Should Look For In Herbal Vaporizers

Herbal vaporizers are all the rage. Herbal vaporizers, of course, are very different from e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes use an aerosol system, use an e-juice or e-liquid to create vapor. You plug in your cartridge with your preferred e-liquid flavor, and your electronic cigarette would create an aerosol or vapor from the solution using a heating coil. […]

What to look for in an online vape store?

If you’ve ever looked for vaporizers online, I really can’t blame you for thinking that they are one and the same. Anybody who’s done any kind of shopping for vaping equipment can easily walk away with the impression that if you’ve seen one online vape store, you have pretty much seen them all. This really […]

When should you use a vaporizer? 

Let’s get one thing clear: There are so many ways you can ingest the nicotine from tobacco or the THC from marijuana. In the case of pot, you can dab, you can use shatter, you can use a vaporizer, you can use a bong or a water pipe, you can use a straight wooden pipe, […]