This Is The First Thing You Should Look For In Herbal Vaporizers

Herbal vaporizers are all the rage. Herbal vaporizers, of course, are very different from e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes use an aerosol system, use an e-juice or e-liquid to create vapor. You plug in your cartridge with your preferred e-liquid flavor, and your electronic cigarette would create an aerosol or vapor from the solution using a heating coil. You draw the vapor into your lungs and then out comes this very beautiful human fog. It looks awesome, right? 

Herbal vaporizers do the same thing, but instead of liquids, you actually use herbal materials. But I’ll leave that to your imagination. Maybe you prefer green, nice-smelling herbal materials that contain nicotine, or you might prefer sticky and possibly even stinky green buds that contain a lot of THC. 

Whatever you’re into, herbal vaporizers should not be confused with electronic cigarettes. It’s really important to make sure that you have a clear focus when buying this type of product. You have to look for this first consideration if you’re in the market for herbal vaporizers. 

Otherwise, it’s too easy to end up with the wrong product. It’s too easy to focus on the looks. It’s too easy to focus on the portability and form factor of the product. I’m not saying that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with these elements, but you have to remember that they are secondary in nature. 

While it’s great to have a nice-looking herbal vaporizer, at the end of the day, you have to make sure that it actually does the job that you bought it to do. That’s the bottom line, it’s all about use value, and unfortunately, a lot of people think of use value as secondary in nature. 

They’d rather look for something that has a nice brand. They’d rather buy something that people can’t seem to stop talking about. They’d rather use something that has a track record of attracting a following. While those are important factors to consider at some level or another, at the end of the day, you have to take care of your personal needs. 

At the end of the day, you’re the only person who can answer whether the products that you have bought have actually served your interests. This takes a lot of honesty. This also takes going against the grain and marching by the beat of your own drummer. You’re going to have to zero in on what makes sense to you. 

Just because other people don’t agree, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just because it doesn’t make any sense, as far as other people are concerned, it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your back on that particular option. You have to make your decisions based on what works for you. 

With that in mind, here is the first thing you should look for when looking at any kind of model of the herbal vaporizer. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to load into the herbal vaporizer. It doesn’t matter how heavy your anticipated usage would be. It doesn’t matter what kind of circumstances you will find yourself using the vaporizer. 

You have to look at this factor. If you turn a blind eye to this factor, don’t be surprised if you become disappointed with whatever it is you bought. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of this problem. When I just got into the herbal vaporizing thing, I got all excited about a particular brand because everybody, from my fitness instructor to my college friends, kept hyping up a brand and a model. 

So when I found that product online, I couldn’t wait to click the buy button and I was rubbing my palms in anticipation for its delivery. So when the UPS guy came in and dropped that brown package at my apartment, I was ecstatic. I was in seventh heaven and I tore the box apart, took out the herbal vaporizer, slapped on its batteries, took out my favorite herbal medicine, fed the beast, and guess what happened? I ended up with a mess, seriously. 

Now, of course, I was drawing from that thing like it contained the cure for cancer. To me, drawing my favorite vapor from this amazing herbal vaporizer, was the best thing since sliced bread. I was happier than a pig in mud. The problem is I used it so much that I got a front-seat lesson in the lesson that I should have learned in the first place. 

In other words, I learned right then and there the number 1 thing I should have been looking for when sizing up different herbal vaporizer designs. What is this factor? Look for something that doesn’t gum up easily. I bought something that had a nice brand. 

My friends just kept recommending it, so I bought it, and then I used it so heavily that night, that it gummed up. And I was so lazy I didn’t get around to cleaning it, used it heavily again for several days straight, and guess what happened? I basically had a nasty, sticky, hard mess on my hands. 

At that point, I had to decide, do I have the time, effort, and motivation to disassemble everything and dunk the stuff that can be cleaned in a cleaning solution. Can I do that? Do I have time for that? Do I have resources for that? Or should I just buy a new unit? 

It wasn’t a very easy decision to make. It’s not like I was made out of money. Of course, if I had only kept in mind this key factor, I would have avoided this headache. I would have saved my money and I would have spent that money on something more worthwhile. 

It also helps if the product was easy to disassemble and clean. Keep this in mind, because it can save you a tremendous amount of time, effort and hassle. Please understand that just because people recommend a product, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best product for you. You have to pay attention to your specific needs and your specific usage patterns.