Does It Make Sense to Use Heavy Vaporizers?

I’m sure that if you are a heavy vaporizer user, you have gone to a friend’s place and been treated to a heavy-duty vaporizer. While vape pens are all the rage nowadays, there is a segment of the market that is focused on heavy-duty use. We’re talking about people who want the maximum experience using a vaporizer. These units are almost the precise opposite of immensely popular vape pens.

Vape pens are light and compact. These features are the main reason why they are so popular. When you are vaping out in public or on-the-go, you want something that you can quickly get from point A to point B with.

You don’t want to lug around something that will hold you back and drag you down. You don’t want something that’s too heavy or takes up too much space. Who wants to hassle with any of that? Instead, you want something that is very light, very easy to hide, very easy to take care of and that’s why vape pens are all the rage.

The problem is if you are in any kind of social setting and everybody is enjoying their favorite dried herb, whether it’s nicotine, kratom or, yes, marijuana, passing around a light vape pen gets old very quickly. It really does.

I mean when you’re using a vaporizer, it seems like you’re just back to smoking a bong. Don’t get me wrong. That’s a lot of fun especially in college, but you’re looking for something different. You’re looking for something more compelling. You’re looking for something that would really capture the overall experience and excitement of vaping.

This is where heavy-duty vaporizers come in. Please understand that it really would be a shame to use such heavy-duty equipment on plain, old nicotine. Yes, I am talking about tobacco whether in shredded form or in a packed, almost snuff-like format. You’re better off using heavy-duty vaporizers with heavy-duty pot.

Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, this wouldn’t be a problem. For example, if you are vaporizing weed in places like Oregon, Washington, California, the District of Columbia or Colorado, it should be okay.

The problem with heavy-duty vaporizers is that they are very heavy. They take a lot of space. They’re bulk. They’re usually not all that portable. It’s not like you can just quickly get from point A to point B with them.

How Vaping Works

To fully explore the question of whether it makes sense to use heavy vaporizers or heavy-duty units, we must first revisit the question of how vaporizing works. When you vaporize herbal or organic material, you are heating it at a certain temperature range so as to free its internal biochemical compounds without burning the item.

This is crucial. There’s no burning involved. It’s kind of like boiling the internal part of the herb so that it releases certain gases but beyond this point, you’re not burning.

It’s a fine line and vape pens and other vaporizer devices are designed to stay within that safe non-burning range. Why wouldn’t people want to smoke? After all, when you smoke, you’re burning the tobacco or marijuana.

It all boils down to a one-word answer: tar. If you’ve ever driven on an asphalt road and you see that black stuff that they put on the top of the road, pay close attention. It doesn’t smell well; it can be very sticky and it can get really tough.

I want you to focus on that mental image because that’s precisely the kind of substance that you will be painting on the sensitive, thin inner lining of your lungs when you smoke anything. That’s right. When you inhale smoke, which is created through a burning process, there is tar involved.

As you probably already know, that’s a bad idea because it can lead to lung cancer, severe restriction of your lungs’ capabilities and a long laundry list of bad health news. This is why vaping is so popular.

Still, a lot of people use vaporizing devices that really don’t fully unlock the full potential of the stuff that they are using. It really is too bad because if you use a heavy-duty vaporizer, you can get every single microgram’s worth of value from the stuff that you are vaping. Whether you’re vaporizing tobacco or something else, a heavy-duty vaporizer can do the job.

Invest in a heavy-duty weed vaporizer if you are vaporizing primarily cannabis. They help you do vape tricks. They also enable you to get the experience you’re looking for. Let’s face it. Whatever vaping device you’re into, you’re looking for an experience. When you choose to move past the vape pen models and focus on heavy-duty vaporizers, you are in for a heavy-duty experience.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Have more fund vaping by turning it into a social activity. That’s what’s so great about heavy-duty vaporizers. They’re not only conversation pieces. They get everybody high; everybody gets to have a good time and it’s part of the social interaction of the group. Not so with a vape pen that you pass around.