Mary’s Guide – How to use a water bong?

Are you ready to get more out of your vaporizer? The answer is simple: get a water bong! If you were not sure what is the big glass extension for on a vaporizer, you have come to the right place. No need to get intimidated, because a bong is a pretty easy-to-use accessory, which can complement your vape pretty well. I will try to explain, what is a bong used for and how can it enhance your vaping experience, so keep on reading. 

A bong is basically a pipe that cools and filters smoke using water. It provides a particularly smooth, great-tasting, and less risky smoking experience. The bong is traditionally used while burning the herbs directly. It works by such a simple process. First, the smoke goes through a chamber filled with water and then it bubbles up the liquid. The water brings down the temperature of the smoke particle and also removes any fine particles such as tar and ash. 

You make a vape bong by attaching a bong to your vaporizer to achieve a different effect while smoking vapor from the vaporizer. This vapor is usually cooler than smoking directly, but using a bong can cool it further and provide you with a rich vaping experience.

Why vape through a bong?

Just the same way you can smoke using a bong, the vaporizer can be attached to a water bong as well. In this case, the vaporizer is the power source, that heats your substance without combustion. Vaping this way gives you a whole new satisfying effect. 

If you are using a dabbing torch and a hot banger to vape cannabis oils or extracts, you could accidentally overdo it and the smoke could be so hot that it will scorch your lungs and throat. 

Sometimes, powerful vaporizers can become very hot or the mouthpiece can get too hot for your lips. With this type of heat, you may not enjoy your hits as much as you want to.

Attaching a bong to your vaporizer should do the trick. You will be able to filter those hot vapors and inhale larger and thicker plumes for a more enjoyable hit. This would give you more satisfying clouds of vapor traveling into your throat.  

When you vape through just a little bit of water, the vapor cools down significantly. Vapor from the vaporizer can sometimes be too harsh on the throat but when it goes through water, it is less harsh and you are able to do more hits back-to-back. 

Apart from the vapor being hotter than normal air, it is also drier. This type of air could irritate your throat when you have a long vaping session. Once you vape through water, the vapor is hydrated and it is noticeably milder on the throat. 

Some vapes are already enhanced to be used through the water. If you have a vaporizer that is not, using a water piece would radically change the experience for you. 

What do you need to smoke through a bong?

Getting a water bong extension for your vaporizer is quite easy and affordable

The first thing you need to get a hold of a vape-to-bong adapter. This accessory can easily be found in a smoke shop or online vape stores. 

Bongs come at different sizes and prices. Some examples include the AirVape Bong adapter, DabCap Vape-to-Rig adapter, G-pen connects, etc. These adapters are compatible with specific vaporizers and you should check if the adapter you want to get is compatible with your device before making your purchase.

An accessory like this can significantly enhance your vaping experience for a fair price, and minimal effort, and can last for long years. 

How do you use a vape bong?

Looking at a bong for the first time can confusing and intimidating. However, they come in various designs, they all have the same principles of operation.

But first lets make sure you set the water leve right! 

Why does a water level in a bong matter so much?

Setting the right level of water has a significant effect on your vaping-bonging experience. You want the water to cover the downstem, while it’s not reaching your mouth when you inhale. 

If you set the water level right, you can enjoy cool, smooth, filtered smoke. To little water doesn’t allow you to take full advantage of the bings filtration, and too much water your lungs have to work extra hard, to pull the air through the water. 

When you find the right level of water connect the mouthpiece of your vaporizer to the downstem of the bong. 

You will be inhaling directly from the mouthpiece of your bong instead of the mouthpiece of your vaporizer. If your device uses a push-button, simply press it and hold it for as long as you want to inhale, then release immediately you are done. 

Once you are done, make sure to disconnect the vaporizer and clean the bong properly, so you can enjoy it as much the second time as you did the first time.