The FireFly 2

Nicely designed vape


Size: The Firefly 2 vaporizer is 5.1″ tall, 1.4″ wide and 0.95″ in depth.

Chamber: The unit has a borosilicate glass chamber.

Heat time: Very fast heat time!

Temperature: The Firefly 2 goes from 400°F in no time. You can pick a custom temperature with the smartphone app in 20 degree increments from 340°F/171°C to 420°F/215°C and also bump it up to 500°F/260°C for concentrates.

Here are the 5 temperature settings:

Battery Details:The unit comes has a replaceable/rechargeable 7.4V Li-Ion Battery.

Duration of use: This unit may last to from 50 to 90 minutes of continous use.

Additional Features: The Firefly 2 uses a magnesium alloy body and features a glass lined vapor path.

Accessories Included:
-2 Rechargeable Batteries
-Charging Dock
-USB 3.0 Cable
-Cleaning Kit
-3 Concentrate Pads


Function: Learning curve when beginning to use it. More than average draw resistance.

Price: One of the more expensive portables.

Warranty: Comes with a 2 year warranty only.