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Best vapes for outdoors

What can be better than taking your favorite vaporizer to the outdoors like cycling through the city, going for a hike in the mountains, or spending a relaxing day at the beach or even camping by the lake?

Now you can make your experience more enjoyable with the outdoor vaporizers.

Let’s see our pick:

Pax 3 with a price of $275



This vaporizer is the best if you are going on a light adventure. It is sleek and stylish and looks more like an art piece than a vaporizer. The only downside of the Pax3 is slippery and small in size and makes it easy to drop in the wild.

Firefly 2 $330



This vaporizer is the best for warm-weather expeditions. It warms up almost instantly and is very easy to load. Pivot the front face of its magnets, put in your dried herbs, and reassemble the face. The magnet is strong enough to hold it there even if it moves around in your backpack.

Fez for $130



If you are looking for something that won’t hurt your pocket and is friendly to your budget, the Fez is your best option and is the easiest to use and the best value for your money.


Vapium Summit Plus for $150


These vaporizers function the best under wet conditions. If you are always worried about dropping your vaporizers, the summit plus design looks like it can take a beating and it is easy to grip due to its rubber on the end.

The splash-proof rating did not disappoint, when it gets wet it does not cease to perform. If you like activities that involve the river or water, this vaporizer is for you.


The AirVape XS Go price is $69



This is a super portable vape that you can take on the go with its ergonomic design. It is unique amongst all the AirVape Models with it being small in size and its comforting grip. It has a simple user interface with sophisticated heating technology.

The back-side’s surface is inspired by the spiritual seed of life symbol that is smartly hiding a useful packing tool underneath.
Another great and exciting thing is that you can buy a case to protect your vape.

Visit and buy any AirVape model and qualify for the amazing upgrade program.

Live your life to the fullest by going on adventures and experiencing the beauty of nature and breathing in the fresh air along with the amazing flavors of your vaporizer that is made for the outdoor life.

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Weed vaporizers Amazon

Thanks to Amazon our lives have become a lot more comfortable. Products can be delivered to you overnight if you are prepared to pay a fee. There are a lot of products you can choose from at reasonable prices. Now let us look at the vaping side of Amazon.

Cheap vaporizers

The Black Mamba

With a low price of $46, you have plenty of options to vape with. It heats up quickly but also cools down just as fast. It is a conduction herb vaporizer that will provide you with that clear vape you desire. This vaporizer is the one you have always been looking for but could not find. Try it out!

The Pax Era

It comes with 4 different temperature settings, but do not worry they are easy to use. It has outstanding performance and its design is exclusive. With just the first puff you will fall in love with it. Bluetooth, yes it has it! The LED lighting will change with just a flick of the wrist and hand gestures that are pre-programmed via the phone. With the amazing price of $30, this is a steal. Get this vaporizer now!

Vape pipe Amazon

The ordinary Kamry K1000 Plus vape starter kit comes with a wooden cig pipe that is nicotine-free a 1000 mah 30 W Large Vapor. You can adjust its airflow and it also comes with USB charging.

Stressless with this device protection features:
• If you do not vape in 30 seconds it will go into sleeping mode and will automatically wake up again if you vape.
• Short-circuit protection, The LED light will flash 3 times and shut down automatically.
• Overtime protection, If you vape 10 seconds or more it will shut down and you will see the LED flash 8 times.

This device is user friendly and has a stylish design that definitely deserves a try.

Vape kits Amazon

PITH Dry herb Vaporizer Portable vape kit

This dry herb vaporizer is portable and easy to take on the go with you. It has a ceramic heating chamber with a Borosilicate glass mouthpiece that’s airflow is separated, and you can have a pure taste. The ceramic heating also provides you with original flavor. It is a perfect shape that will fit perfectly in your pocket

Portable vaporizers


This is a premium portable vaporizer and comes in a new stylish color, Matte silver. It is pocket size making it easy for you to carry around in your pocket or throw it into your purse. If your preference is dry plant material or concentrated extract liquid, enjoy it with this vaporizer. It is a fantastic dry herb vape that is durable, and high quality. If you are unsure about it, just make the investment you will not be disappointed. Use less of your product will get more of your product.

Davinci IQ 2 portable vaporizer

This vaporizer is primarily used for dry herb vaping but can also be filled with solid concentrates. Its airflow comes with five adjustable levels and its heat- up time is less than 1 minute. Another cool feature is the dosage calculation can be controlled through an app.

Air Vape

best vaporizers

best vaporizer

check prices


It is suitable for dry herbs as well as concentrates. It has a ceramic mouthpiece that has a magnetic top. Its design is ultra-thin. It vibrates when it is ready and goes off automatically when it is not used. You can also choose the exact temperature adjustment, cool right?

Amazon is just a click away, get the best weed vaporizer for you today, no need to get ready or hit traffic, just see what you like and click to purchase. The next day your vaporizer will be at your doorstep. Ready, set, buy your favorite herb vaporizer.

Here are a few ways Mary chooses to relax when done reading weed vaporizer reviews

One of the best ways to relaxing after a writing vaporizer reviews is to take some time and walk on the beach.  Why is the beach so relaxing?  There is nothing more calming, relaxing and healing that the ocean’s salt water.  Swimming in the ocean is even more beneficial due to the it being high in magnesium that helps reduce muscle aches and insomnia.  It may also boost your immune system, hydration to the skin and better your circulation.  The ocean is also enriched in other minerals such as sodium, sulphate, calcium and chloride.  Just don’t drink it!  Sometimes if it’s too chilly to go all the way into the water, I like to just dip my feet in and the soothing sounds of the ocean is also very calming.  I also like to read near the water of vaporizer reviews.

If you’re not near the ocean, possibly invest in some Epsom salt (very affordable) also contains magnesium and sulfate.  How is Epsom salt beneficial?  Believe it or not, Magnesium Sulfate is a mineral that most people are lacking greatly.  According to other portable vaporizer reviews, when soaking with a warm bath with Epsom Salt, this can help ease stress and relax your body by relieving pain symptoms and cramping.  Epsom Salt also helps with muscles and nerve function, prevents blood clots and arteries hardening.

Speaking of reading near these ocean, reading is another great way to relax and relieve some of your stress.  Speaking of reading, check out herbal vaporizer reviews and learn more about which portable vaporizer is the best for you to relax with.  If you’ve had enough of reading the vape pen review, there is other great novels that may spark your interest and often a nice to way to get away from reality for a little bit in a healthy way.  Sometimes reading another person’s material is a great way to gain more knowledge, which will make you feel good since you’re being mentally stimulated and reading in general helps improve your memory.  Vapor Reviews can be very informative as well.

So you’re reading the best vaporizer reviews, near the ocean or in an enriched epsom salt bath, and since you’re relaxing, can not think of a better opportunity to also vaporize!  That is another way to relax from weed vaporizer reviews.  How can vaporizing be beneficial to you?  Suffering from anxiety can make it difficult to relax and/or fall asleep at night. More and more consumers are understanding the benefits of marijuana consumption.  Traditional smoking is out and alternative options are in, and by vaporizing, you are eliminating 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins.  The purest method of weed consumption is vaporizing.  After reading weed vaporizer reviews, you’ll understand all the different types of vaporizers that are on the market.  I would recommend portable since you can take it anywhere you go if you were to go relax at the beach.  There’s may different options, but my favorite is the AirVape Xs because of it’s similarity to the iPhone design, elegant and very easy to use.

In case you have been living under a rock Vaporizer Pen Reviews  suggest that animals are in fact the BEST all natural medicine for human beings.  Pets, such as dogs will love you unconditionally, always.  Dogs in particular will know just how to comfort you and make you feel like the most special human being from the moment that you walk through the door after a long hard day.  It can be tough to invest in a pup due to housing and apartment situations, however if you’ve suffering from anxiety or depression, you may be able to get your pup certified as an emotion support animal.  It’s not the cheapest method, but your pet would be exempt from all non pet housing establishments and does not discriminate from your pet’s breed or any animal really.  Keep in mind that you may need a letter from you doctor saying that you are in need of your emotional support animal and the letter is good for an entire year.  You can also do this online.  And if you can’t have a pet, by volunteering at your local animal shelter for even a couple of hour of your time per week or per month, you’re doing something that is benefiting another innocent being and the outcome is truly rewarding.  Maybe you’ll even adopt your next pet from where you choose to volunteer at.

Another way for Mary to relax after weed vaporizer reviews is combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience.  The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow circulation throughout the body. The hot stones obtain a sedative effect that can relieve pain symptoms, stress and promote the ultimate relaxation.  Create a Groupon account and research a masseuse who is offering discounts on massages.  Hot stone massages are highly recommended, extremely relaxing and beneficial to your mind and body, especially after all the vaporizer pen reviews reading.  There are at least 50% discount massages every other week near your current location, but don’t forget to still tip generously.  Stay positive and pay it forward, which will make you feel good too.

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