Best vape accessories

Best vape accessories

What is better than vaping?

Getting accessories to modify your vape. Style up your vaporizer with the best vaping accessories to give your vaporizer a new look. These following accessories will spice up your vape:

A decent battery charger

This is a very important accessory. If you use rechargeable batteries for your vaping device, I suggest you use the NitecoreDigicharger D4 that is the best vape battery charger in the business right now.

Coil building kits

If you use RDA or RTA or RDTA you need to build your own coils, or you can buy some that are already made. By buying this kit is not only cheaper in the long run but is so satisfying to make.

A cleaning Machine

By cleaning your tank regularly you ensure them to last longer. This might come to a shock to you, but you can use a jewelry cleaner. Yes, you heard that right. They do a great job of removing the grime and the build-up from any vape tank.

A carry case for your vaporizer

carry case for vaporizer

carry case for vaporizer

If you travel a lot this vaporizer carry case is for you and it is also budget-friendly.

Unicorn bottles

These are super useful when you travel or if you buy your e-juice in bulk and want to transfer it into a smaller bottle.

The Juul USB charger

It is compact and ultra-portable; they are not expensive making it possible for you to have more than one.

The honey stick fill-it- yourself kit

This is the ultimate accessory for your DIY wax and concentrates. The kit allows for your waxes and concentrates to become oils. It comes with a 10 ml bottle of PG mixer to blend with the waxes and concentrates. To make it easier for you it comes with tools like a mixing spatula, blunt-nosed syringes, and glass containers. It also comes with 3 exciting 2 ml flavor shots of blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry, yum!

The rocket grinder

It is a revolutionary multifunctional herb grinder and is the perfect accessory for all your dry herb vaporizers. Why? Because it is easy to use and has built-in funnel technology. The top part functions as a grinder and the second part as the carrying container that is filled by the grinder. The bottom part can twist off and can be used as a one-hitter pipe.
Visit to see more exciting info about this grinder.

Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter

This is the best used with the Hippie Pipe! The windproof lighter is equipped with 2 burners, making it use less fuel to produce a strong double jet flame to light your Hippie Pipe!
It works great in windy conditions with its effective, hot flame. It is great for the on-the-go use with its lightweight, compact, and sleek design. The Butane torch lighter has a manual open safety cap that is attached along with a large Butane adjustment knob making it convenient to adjust the flame. Another great thing is that butane gas can be refilled.

Wireless power bank

This is a pocket-size charging station. No more problems with the cable. It is super easy to use and portable making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
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Accessories are a fun way to jazz up your vaporizer and make it more unique to you. Get ready, get vaping, and get accessorizing.