AirVape X: The Thinnest Vaporizer

Baterry Life and Charging
Build Quality
Heat Up time


  • Used for Loose-leaf and Oil Concentrates
  • Weighs Only 3.2 oz
  • 0.48″ Flat
  • Vibration when ready
  • 1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level
  • 1.3 Inch Screen Displaying: Battery Level, Temperature, Automatic Shutoff Timer
  • Two button easy temperature control ↑↓
  • Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 1 hr Charge Time
  • Dual Filter, 3 AirFlow Chamber Ceramic mouthpiece
  • 200 F – 428 F Adjustable Temperature Scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius (93 C – 220 C)
  • Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • EZ AirPath (Isolated)
  • Sturdy, Metal Body
  • Measurements: 4.1″L x 1.85″W x .48″H
  • Materials: Steel, Li-Ion, Ceramic

What’s In The Box?

-AirVape X
– X Shell
– Concentrates Pad Insert
– USB Charger Cable
– Cleaning, Loading Tools
– Replacement Filter Screens
– User Manual

Product intro and specs

Airvape X is a low key yet more capable dry herb vaporizer compared to its predecessor. It has many features that make it one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers available under $200.

The AirVape X features a magnetic mouthpiece that allows the lid to snap on and off for easy loading. The ceramic chamber is 25% bigger for faster cleaning and longer sessions per load. It has a high-grade ceramic vapor path that preserves the flavor.

 The AirVape X offers temperature control that allows flexibility from 200F to 428F. It has a hybrid heating system that combines convection and conduction features. It is also compatible with wax concentrate through the use of a pad attachment. And, it will vibrate to notify you it has reached vaping temperature with its haptic feedback feature.

The AirVape X is User-Friendly

The device has an intuitive interface. There are three highly visible buttons: one for power and two up and down arrows for temperature control and automatic shut-off settings. It has a bright and clear LCD screen that is easy to read. Battery charging is by USB and is full after an hour.

Finely ground marijuana can then be loaded into the ceramic chamber by snapping off the magnetic lid to expose the chamber. Tamp the top portion down for better results. Power the unit on and wait for it to vibrate when ready for use. The device takes 20 seconds to heat up and reach the set temperature.

Vapor Production

AirVape X’s ceramic chamber and ceramic mouthpiece ensure optimum vaporization and a terrific flavor. A full load of herbs can typically last 10 minutes. The vapor passes through a screen system that cools it down before reaching your mouth. That makes the vapor smooth and flavorful. And that makes it easier to inhale.

Typically, a temperature of less than 380F produces the best results. Higher temperatures make big clouds but not as smooth.

For better hits, we recommend finely grinding the herb. You should also pack it in tightly. 

Airvape X Design

The construction is of aluminum that gives the AirVape X a sleek, robust, and lightweight feel. The LED screen is uncluttered and mirror-like. The size is ideal for on-the-fly vaping. It’s small enough for concealment, but enough to fit the hybrid conduction/convection heating system. The design is simplistic yet exudes sophisticated elegance. 

The magnetic chamber lid is a marvelous added feature that provides easy access to the chamber. It also ensures a tight closure to prevent accidental opening.


The AirVape X battery is an internal 1300mAh unit that provides about an hour’s worth of vaping per charge. On average, that means about 3-4 sessions. The full charging of the battery takes about 80 minutes by USB. On the downside, the battery capacity is less than expected because the size was a factor in its design. It had to have a thin profile to fit the AirVape X.

To save on battery power, the AirVape X has an automatic shut-off feature. The auto shut-off time is fully adjustable to suit your purposes.


For its price, it offers a very discreet convenience. It is small enough to fit your hands and pockets. The aluminum construction makes it very light to carry around. 

The dimensions are 5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and half an inch thick. That makes it a very pocket-friendly dry herb vaporizer for a reasonable price. 


At $179, the AirVape X is a superb weed vape, especially for beginners. It has many great features like haptic feedback and a smart-looking LCD screen. It is also slim enough to fit your pocket. When you consider the terrific vapor quality, this weed vape stands out in its class. The only negative issue is the weak battery, but it charges quickly. 


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